The good and the bad things about Vermont

The good and the bad things about Vermont

By Ariel Watson
Brattleboro Area Middle School, Grade 8

There are a lot of different things I could say about Vermont. Being a Vermonter, I know a lot about it. There are some good things and there are very few bad. Either way, they have affected my life somehow. Some affected my life in a good way and others in a bad way.

One good thing about living up here in Vermont is that we get to experience all the attributes of each season. Knowing what it’s like in all seasons is pretty amazing because wherever you go, you will have a good idea about what that particular weather will be like. There’s also a wider variety of sports for people that like them. In the winter, you can do things like skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing. A lot of people can’t participate in any of those sports because of where they live but in Vermont most people can. During the fall the leaves change color which is also something that not everyone can experience and I think it’s also another pretty amazing thing that I get to experience. But, there is a negative side to the weather and that is when it gets pretty intense. When it does, it’s difficult. Luckily that doesn’t happen much more than four times a year, so either way the weather change is pretty cool.

Another thing that can be considered good for some people or bad for others is that the towns in Vermont aren’t like cities. There’s the perfect amount of people. Definitely nothing compared to some of the bigger cities. We don’t have anything like that, just normal towns. It’s good for the people that don’t really like big crowds. That’s affected my life in a positive way because it’s not so busy and loud all the time so I can actually get to sleep or go places without any noises or a lot of people around. The bad part to this is that there aren’t very many things to entertain people. This hasn’t really affected my life in a positive or negative way because I’m pretty used to it.

Another thing about Vermont is that there are a lot of farms. Farming is another thing about Vermont that can be considered good or bad, depending on the person. It’s really cool that we have a lot of farms here that have a lot of animals. There is one bad thing about all the farms here in Vermont and that’s the smell. Farms are pretty great but the smell isn’t the best. Overall, I think that it’s definitely affected me in a positive way because I’ve gotten to see what it’s like to be a farmer. Although it’s hard work and can get pretty stinky, it still seemed like fun and it was a good experience.

I would suggest living in Vermont to people who like winter, don’t mind cold weather, and who enjoy living in a place with a lot of farms and a lot of trees. Almost everything about being a Vermonter has affected my life in a positive way. I’ve come to the conclusion that even though there are some things about Vermont that I don’t like, it’s still a good place to live. I wouldn’t mind living here when I get older.