Jun 04
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Pavement Sucks

 Pavement sucks


I was at maple street park with my grandma and we just brought my bike out from the back of her car. She said, “be careful.”

I said, “I will,” as I rode off. It was a sunny and warm day in august and I rode my bike to the dirt jump park all the way in the back of the skate park. The park was at the bottom of a small hill and it was dotted with trees and had all kinds of jumps.
I was tired from jumping my bike for an hour straight I decided to take a break and look at the other kids using the skate park and I thought to myself that looks fun. So I brought my bike into the skate park and started to ride and saw a vert ramp and thought that looks fun. So I walked my bike up and was about to drop in. As I started down the 12 foot drop my back tire started to lift off the ramp and I realized that this was a mistake because it is very hard to right yourself that quickly so I was going to fall on my face . After the wheel started lift off the ramp there was no way I could turn back after that.
I thought to myself in that instant that I was screwed! The next thing i new was that I was on the ground and as i looked down i saw red dripping from my arm and my right shin. I got up and was limping So I tried to walk to my grandma who was sitting on a bench at the other side of the park. As I walked over I almost tripped a couple times on roots. When I made it to my grandma she looked at me and said “ What did you do?.’’

And I said” I fell off a 12 foot vert ramp.”

Right after that my grandma took me home and cleaned out my wounds with rubbing alcohol wich hurt a lot. After that I learned that Take it one step at a time instead of going from zero to one hundred all the time.

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