Oct 07

Oh, Brilliant!

She's there. Shining on the screen, a beacon of light and hope. Her smile is bright enough to power universes. Her eyes are alight with curiosity and excitement and fierce loyalty. Just as she always has in the past.

Or, rather, how he always has in the past.

She is the Doctor.  She's back. And she's brilliant.
Oct 07
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   In America, we have two main political parties, Republicans and Democrats.  They believe in different ways of government, and I believe that diversity is fine, so do not misunderstand this.  But I am writing to tell you the truth, and why the truth along with some basic logic supports the Republican Party and the idea of capitalism.
Oct 02

The Confusing and Unreasonable Logic of Homework

I don't understand the logic of homework. Here are the reasons why: (please bear with me)
  1. We work for just about 6 hours at school, for those of us in elementary school, middle school, and most high schools. If we work for this long, is it necessary to go home just to return to what we should have been doing for the whole day? Yes, we do want time to practice, but classes are meant for not only teaching, but practicing this new skill as well. If you don't have enough time to actually do work and practice skills in school, and just listen to a teacher drone on for the whole period, something is wrong.
  2. Much of my time now is taken up with homework. The amount of homework that is given on a regular basis is too much. If having homework at all was a problem, now try four or five hours a night. This all leads to stress and even falling behind in school. Sometimes I suffer from stress, and that makes me irritable, frazzled, and super worried about even the randomest things.
Sep 30
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The Sun, The Moon, The Stars

          Long before man walked the earth, there were two beings: one of light and warmth, and one of dark and solace. We call these beings the Sun and the Moon. The Sun and the Moon were watched by the spiteful, mean-spirited Stars. The Stars liked it quiet and dark, much like the Moon. The Sun and the Moon wandered the bleak landscape of earth separately for what seemed like an eternity, and the Stars happily watched their misery, until one day, the Sun met the Moon, and together they danced across the Earth in a joyous bliss, spreading light and love to the four corners of their world.
Sep 30

Ghost Thoughts

I woke up with sweat spotting my temples. I was gasping for air, but the room was devoid of it. The terrible nightmare that I had endured was over, but the scariest part was yet to come. My feet were cold as they had always been. My hands felt like chistled ice. My body felt like it was hours dead and stiff joints poked at my sides. I looked into the bathroom mirror and saw a white face like a ghost looking in on itself. My eyes were lined with quarter moons -dark as they were. They felt bruised and puffy, but they were just fine. Legs exhausted, I shuffled towards the medicine cabinet to take numbing drops for my throat. As I let the pain numb down, I coughed and yacked and my stomach squeezed.
Sep 19

a falling star

we used to live for the way nothing lasted forever.
it kept us on our toes,

contemplating our hopes and dreams.

you were
single lines of poetry
scribbled into battered notebooks.
late at night.

nobody was ever awake to witness
the way you crossed them out afterward.

people wouldn't understand,
you whispered to yourself. 

sometimes before i fall asleep
i think of the way you spoke of
the cities
and the rain
and the faces
and the poems
and the opportunities
and the future. 

i still remember the plans we made
the people we swore we'd be forever.
the places we said we'd go.

if things were different,
maybe we would still appreciate 
the beautiful forgotten things
the world has left behind.

maybe you'd still remember my name. 

but all we have left are
rolling storm clouds
an empty notebook
Sep 19

After Death

    Hell. Heaven. What’s the difference really. Lucifer was kicked from heaven for what he believed. Yet some people who fight for what they believe think they’ll end up in heaven. Is hell really as bad as everyone says? Is it just constant partying while heaven is boring? What is the afterlife really? Is there even something after life? Do we even see anything or think anything? Can we think? Or do we watch everyone else down below. Do we look down on the people who still walk and still breath. Which religion is right about the afterlife? Will we see people who have died previously? When I die will I be able to see my grandma? Will I be able to watch anyone when I die? Will it matter how I die? Will it matter how old I am when I die? All these questions that no one can answer. The people who’ve “died” and come back. They see bright lights and other visions. What is this? Is the bright light where we all end up? Is there no hell or heaven? Do we all just stay in the bright light?
Sep 12

Deep Thoughts

Millons of people do great things every day. 
Why are just a few recognized publicly?
Great people have been celebrated when they die,
But other people still die,
And they are still not recognized.
Other things are thought of as more important,
But why are we created equal if we still have priorities?
If nobody ever disagreed would there really be peace on earth?
Or would it just be a big mob of sameness.
If we should be individual when we are thought of as ridiculous because we aren't the same as everyone else?
Why does the sun rise each morning?
What is it's obligation and who told it to rise?
Why is yesterday considered recent when what's really recent is the things that happened five seconds ago?
What would happen if I talk like this all the time, 
With deep questions that led to deeper answers?
You wouldn't listen.
Sep 09


      Close to two years ago, I wrote a piece called "What is going on?" which is a poem where I didn't feel the same way about relationships as most people my age. I started the poem by saying "With the thought of having a partner I shiver." Honestly, I can't tell you what I was thinking when I was writing that line. When I consider myself as being a romantic, I said that because I truly believed that I adored anything and everything relating to romanticism. Now, after graduating high school, I have come to consider myself a "junior therapist" for anyone who is trying to make their way through a relationship or wants to start one. Funnily, when I use to be that "therapist" for people, I would've had no idea about what I was talking about. I would give my friends suggestions and they would have to chose from the suggestions that I gave them.
Sep 04

No History

There's a lot I'm still coming to terms with.  Similarly, I'm sure there are things I will never truly understand.  There is a multitude of nuances and subtle details that I couldn't begin to delve into or remotely understand, even if I tried because quite simply, I straddle a line of the east and west.  China courses through every single capillary, vein, and artery in my body, and I still imagine what could have been, but I live and breathe for the United States.  There is a strange mixture that media doesn't address, we talk about people born half Asian and half white, or American born Chinese children, but we largely ignore a very finite population: the adoptees that came about as a result of the one-child policy.
Sep 03


I am a molecule in the black abyss. There is an invisible glass wall in the distance.
No matter how much I try to swim to the wall, it never get's closer. No matter how much I try to swim away from the wall, it never get's farther.
There is no moving forward or backwards.

I am alone here, sort of.
Through the wall on my right, there are voices of those I love, muffled. Through the wall on my left, there are voices of my deceased family. 
But I can't see anything. I am completely blinded.

I never thought that death could be like this. Or the afterlife in that matter.
So peaceful and quiet. But weirdly enough,
I'm not sad. 

I was told I would be happy. I could watch over my family. And I could see my grandchildren grow.
But I just see the endless black.
It grows thicker and thicker.

But I am not sad, or mad and happy.
I am nothing, just molecules in the black.
Aug 28


Fear is natural.
We have fears of many things;
Some fears are reasonable, while others are threats our mind tells us are real.
Some fears are neither.
Some fears are built upon a truth, with ignorance tainting the words.
I have one such fear. 
As the school years pass, new students enter and exit the school, the teams, and the classrooms. 
As an eighth-grader this year, I am preparing to head to high school and adjusting to the new expectations of us as the oldest in the school.
We are role models, we are helping, we are learning, and most of us are teaching.
As I was participating in the class activities we do on our team at the beginning of the year, I was paired with a seventh grader who had just moved to our school. I was keen on helping and becoming friends with him and was trying my best to work with him and to help him.
Then he mentioned something about God, and I became scared.
Aug 27
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Judgment day

I don't know why but I don't like my neighbors hedge.
Stupid bushes cut to sheer perfection, 
every time I pass it by I feel distaste.
Something about the way they keep those stupid
plants in line, a neatly kept barrier
against the neighbor hoods comings and goings.

I dont know why but I didn't like it when other girls,
wore short shorts or revealing clothing.
Faces painted to perfecection, to me, 
just screamed, "I am insecure" and it
irked me to no end.
A short dress was like a big,
"I need attention" sign.

I have made so many judgements.
Shame is what I feel for every time 
I didn't try to understand or see my own 
reflection in the people I judged.
i'm sorry for every person I have spoken ill
about or even just talked about behind their back.
i am sorry for every secret I did not keep
and every secret I created.
Don't be afraid. Don't turn away now.
Aug 11


Its funny, the rain has always been a happy sign for me. I never thought about the downsides, the floods, or the way it can ruin your hair or make up. I always thought about the rainbows and the flowers that would grow. Rain is the one thing that is constant no matter where in the world you are. See, sun can change in Ireland its a watery sun where as in the Middle East its a dry hot sun that lasers down on you. But rain. Rain stays the same it always falls from the sky, and its always in a water form. Rain hides our flaws. Or at least it lets us pretend they don’t exist. When rain falls it changes something suddenly you can smell the the grass and the air. It awakens everything, every little animal or insect awakens and does what it does in rain, running around to fulfil that task. Me, I always loved to be out in the rain. I used to ride my bike in circles until the rain stopped. Other times id put my headphones in, put my hood up and just walk.
Aug 01
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Nothing, this is literally nothing 
Jul 31

A Prisoner of my Mind.

     Once upon a time, I lost my grip on reality. I spent years with my head in the clouds, dreaming of a life I could not have. I fell in love with people I'd never met, became attached to places I'd never been. I waited for the impossible to happen- for those dreams to become a reality.
     One day I realized I would be waiting forever. What had started off as daydreams became so real to me, and I wondered every day when my "real" life would start. I accepted that if this continued I would live a dismal, unfulfilled, life, unable to become attached to anyone or really live. I couldn't go on like this. 
Jul 27

Angry at Myself

When I'm afraid that I will get angry at myself for something,
I avoid it.

You see,
I don't like being angry at myself
So when I am angry at myself
About something I haven't done yet
Or am not doing,

I do other things.

A crossword puzzle
Eat some food
Check my email
Reread the instructions for the forms I should be filling out
Watch Netflix

Because I hate being angry at myself
For things I know I should have done
Or should be doing
In the sense of
Things I quite truly, really ought to be doing
Not just those "should"s that we feel pressure from despite their lack of reasonable source.
They're the should's like writing letters to my grandparents
Cleaning my room
Merely logging on to YWP
Starting college placement exams
Clearing my dishes from dinner
Responding to that text from last week.
Jul 26
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A Letter to Our Country


Land of the free

But not to those with melanin in their skin

Not to the ones who were ripped from their homes and brought to an alien country

Not to those who come here in search of a better life

Those beautiful people

All shades of brown

These people you isolate

You oppress them with your words and actions

When we are killed you silence your ears and turn your backs

You kill our men and boys

Rape our girls and women

You make us out to be monsters when it was your ancestors who stole us from our beds


This country of paper promises

When a black boy is the victim of police brutality you ask

“What did he do to provoke the officer”

When a black boy is caught doing something he shouldn’t

You condemn our whole race
Jul 26

Rock's Not Dead

     For years, the music industry has been dominated by autotuned, lipsynching pop stars singing about... well, nothing in particular. (No offense to anyone, I respect all music tastes, even ones I don't agree with. Well, except Justin Bieber.)
     I listened to the classic rock legends of old and was sure that these were belonging to the one golden age of music, a time when music was meant to say something, not just blast the same meaningless radio dribble out of out headphones. Of course, we still have some of the old rock stars performing, but these are mere echoes, like a faded, threadbare pair of jeans- really, you've got to admire them for holding on, and some are still actively coming out with music, but to be honest, rock and roll was an aging style. And really, isn't it time the Rolling Stones retired? For real this time, not the ten times they've claimed to. They all hate each other, anyway. 
     And now...
Jul 19
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The Heat

The heat was suffocating; I could feel my insides boiling. Outside in the horrible weather, the was a young girl named Gabby who was in line for a lemonade stand. It was almost her turn, but the guy in front of her was paying in all pennies. Not only was the guy paying in pennies but he was counting them out one by one, goodness that was annoying.
"Hey, can you hurry up please!" She said trying to will him to go faster with her voice
"Sorry," The man says defensively 
The man was annoying Gabby, and she just wanted to get her lemonade. She got an idea all of a sudden and hoped it would work.
"Do you want help? It would go faster" Gabby suggested
The man looked at her and seemed to study her and see if he could trust her. Finally, he nodded. Gabby moved to him and helped him count the coins and then got her lemonade after helping the man.