Aug 10

From Finner

"And the waves that hit his face marked the past
And the furrows on his skin—oh, how time goes fast.."
- Of Monsters and Men, "From Finner"

I met Mariah at a gala some odd years ago.

I remember still having Alexander in the pocket of the suit I was wearing as I talked to other kids there, kids of the wealthy owners of some company or other. It wasn't that I hated to talk, just that I was otherwise isolated from people. I would talk for hours with people I just met.

Mariah was..different.

She wasn't the daughter of a rich noble, no. She'd been invited to the gala because of her talents. 

She tried hard to do well in school. That's what this gala was for - the sponsors of the school she'd be going to, now that she'd be entering high school.

The Ikka Academy, a school that my father had helped to fund. I'd be going there too, come September. 

It was a prestigious place even though it had been only opened for a year or so. It was a high school that had some of the most influential sponsors around, like my father. He owned one of the largest oil corporations in the world, with stakes in the Middle East. Even though we lived in North America, he still would get threats for his expansions. He generally stayed out of it.

When Mariah was introduced in front of all the men in the hall, she looked so nervous and shy as they clapped for her. One of my friends then, Hamut, came with me to talk to her.

"You're Mariah Kesmen, right?" Hamut asked, his smile wide. He was the son of a higher-up in an organization that advocated for space exploration. I'd started talking to him because I loved to stare at the sky. He held the same fascination. "We'll be going to school with you soon!"

"Oh! Yeah, I am," Mariah responded, voice so quiet. She was hardly going into high school, but what freshman wore make-up?

This question was answered on the first day of school for me.

"I'm Hecatoncheir Lux," I told her, holding my hand out to shake. She did so uncomfortably as I introduced my friend. "This is Hamut Jesaix."

"Well, you two already know who I am," she laughed nervously. She covered her mouth with her hand, a silver bracelet matching her dress. "You are going to Ikka too?"

"Mhmm. I'm excited to go." Hamut's smile seemed infectious. She'd started to giggle a bit. 

"Me too!"

The idle small talk dwindled as Hamut had to leave. It was Mariah and I for a while. I can't really remember what we even talked about.

She kissed my cheek before she left.

"I'll see you in the fall," she promised me.

I did see her in September.

The years passed quickly during high school. We were friends, yes, but I never though us to be very close. 

She evidently thought otherwise.

She'd invite me to the school-hosted dances. Of course I'd go, it would be rude not to. 

After high school, we stayed in touch. Why wouldn't we?

I didn't pursue a college degree, though I knew it was well in my grasp. She did, though, and started down the path of a teacher.

Why was I thinking about her now of all times? Who knows.

"Cheir, grab that leash! Nue and Vest are trying to escape!" Alexander called, his hands full with the leashes he was holding. His voice shocked me out of my thoughts and I hurriedly took ahold of the black leash. Nue strained against it but gave up quickly, instead turning to paw at my leg excitedly.

"We're taking them to the park, yeah?" I asked, picking up Nue and scratching her head until she calmed down. 

"Yep!" Alexander's two dogs, Din and Reese, were playing together on the floor.

"I'm ready." Malphas had Wendy and Hildr on their leashes. They were both waiting patiently.

I picked up Vest's leash and set Nue down. "Alright. Let's go, guys."

We left the apartment. I locked it behind me even though the puppies were raring to go.

The building wasn't hard to get out of. We walked to the park, only a few blocks away. There were few pedestrians on the sidewalks, which allowed the three of us to make it to the park rather easily.

There was a dog park sectioned off in the park itself. There was a smaller, penned-off section. Inside, puppies tussled and played. We let the six pups join them. 

It seemed to pass by so quickly. Wendy and the others were soon tired out.

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