Aug 10


Who could defend us,
when we were hanged,
burned at the stake,
and shunned by those,
who believed that we,
the people who walk,
amongst ourselves,
singing "Blessed Be!"
were sipping from,
the devil's hand?
Who would believe,
that many women,
and many children,
old and oh so young,
were taken away by those,
who could only believe,
in one god,
and only one?
And who would think,
that after many years,
the days when we,
those who sing "Blessed Be!"
and who walk,
the same rythm,
but in a different tune,
were hushed,
and denounced,
by people afraid of something,
that has been misunderstood,
for hundreds of years,
is not yet over?
The Goddess smiles,
in the form of the pearlescent moon,
and I shall too.