Sep 14

Ode to the Dogs

The way she shakes after a bath,

her hair moving around like a horses mane in the wind.

Water sprays everywhere leaving

me wet like if rain was dripping from the sky.
When she’s done shaking,

she walks toward me as if nothing happened,

I stand there and she just licks me probably wondering

‘How did she get so wet’
Well I can tell her if I could.

After she thinks she got all of the water,

She trots away like a squirrel crossing the street

I chase after her as she runs away leaving trails of water after her
I stay serious chasing after her so that I can dry her off

but she keeps running thinking it’s a game.

I end up laughing because she’s a pup, but serious because she is

leaving a trail of water behind her that needs to be cleaned.
I finally catch her and get my hands wet.

She tries to wiggle her way free from my arms but I keep a tight grip.

I finally dry her off and take her outside to play but

she is tired so I take her to her bed.
She spins in circles,

trying to get a comfortable spot and finds it.

She lays down and tries to sleep.

I leave the room and realize that i’m tired too.