Beautiful Things

Beautiful things all around me.

I watch as they go by.

Colorful things are everywhere.

Don't miss the amazing moments.

Beautiful things blossom.

People change.

Warm loving things never leave.

Don't let the love slip away. 

Beautiful things filled with love and kindness,

Never leave your heart.

These terrific things come every day,

Sometimes we miss them, and let them go away. 

Beautiful things, like people, animals, toys, stuffed animals,These are the beautiful things in our life that we will treasure forever.

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    Tweet #1: Today I wuz walking down the street with some friends and this man started to follow me. It was so creepy, tell u more later!  
    As I wake up around 6:15, I looked at the window to see a foggy and weary window. I thought it was to early to wake, so I went back to bed hoping it will not be raining when I wakes up.
    Drip drop goes she shower

    it makes you feel like you are full of power

    but little did you know that there was no snow
    I come in from outside, tracking mud everywhere. I know my mom won't be too pleased with me, getting it all over our gray rug. I try to think of ways to not track even more mud up the stairs.
    "Hurry up, you've been in there forever!" My sister shouted, banging on the bathroom door." Just a minute, can I have at least a tiny bit of privacy when I shower?!?!" I said angrily.