Oct 11
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The Shiver Will Run Through Your Bones

The shiver will run through your bones,

Past your skin,

And grab your lungs.
Down the hatch, the cold wind blows

Pulling open its rusted maw

And biting into your bloated gut.
Don’t cry for help young sailor boy,

You climbed the ladder to its cave,

Each step digging your grave.
Your tears salt the monsters meat,

Your bones add texture to the meal,

It never kills or cooks its food, I want you to feel.
Feel the crunching of your ribs,

Feel the blood drain from your heart,

Cause broken bodies do not heal.
At least, mine did not.
Cause when you, sailor boy, ate my tender heart,

And ripped my guts to shreds,

I did not choke or weep,
I only bowed my head,

I let you walk away, and now I have come back,

And you can’t stop what’s coming,
And now you can’t turn back.