If I had to leave my house suddenly, there would be many things I would want to bring. First, I would get my LEGOS. They are one of my favorite things in the world. I enjoy building lots of creations. Next, I would pack my Bible because it is my favorite book in the world. I enjoy reading from the Book of Luke in the New Testament. I would not have much room left, but after I had packed my Bible I would grab my Pokemon cards. I would bring my Pokemon cards because I enjoy playing and trading with them.Lastly, I would try to fit in my bb gun. I enjoy target practicing in my backyard with my dad. I don’t know if it would fit; it would depend on the size of the box. I hope all of my items will fit in my box.


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    1.I have 5 minutes left in writing class
    2.  Math class is after writing  
    3. There is 4.5 weeks left in school
    4.The last day of school is June 8, 2016

    Most hens that lay the eggs we eat are kept in small cages called battery cages. Should the hens be in these battery cages? Some people say that they should not be in the small cages.

    Hi my name is Steve and this is my world. I have been spending time making

    sure that my world is safe for

    Land mines in the night.
    Constructive toys by the light.
    Imagined designs.
    My Resolution                           
    My New Year's Resolution is to find out how to stop Ethan from snoring at night. He snores very loud at night and it makes it hard to sleep.