Jan 23


I don't know when it happened,
but I grew tired of tasting bitter.
I despised that I tasted
as burning rubber smelt,
and pungent,
the acidic smokiness
and bitter toxicity.
I grew past that.

I grew kinder,
and I'm happy with that.
I don't feel the need to defend myself
like a crazed, feral animal.
I'm content with me.

It's not that it was conscious,
but I'm glad it happened.
I smile more
and laugh
with my mouth uncovered,
and I'm unafraid
of existing in these spaces I occupy,
and I feel happier and lighter
with every step
as I walk.

And I just want those around me
to feel that same yellow light
that I bathed myself in,
and I want this
to be love
and happiness
and I want everyone
to taste victory
as I have.