College Writing Mentors -- Bios

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The Young Writers Project is fortunate to have dozens of top students from Castleton State College, University of Vermont, Saint Michael's College and Middlebury College who will be providing feedback on student submissions to YWP's newspaper series.

Many of these college students are in honors programs and/or serve as writing tutors at their schools. They are giving feedback on entries to the YWP Newspaper Series. They will tell you what they liked about your piece and what one thing you could do to improve it. Here are a few of the mentors:

DANIELLE LANDRY, Castleton State College
I am a senior at Castleton. My major is English with a concentration in World Literature. I am also working on minors in Theater and Film Studies. I am the captain of the Castleton Womens Rugby team. I enjoy creative writing and poetry. I am from Barre, Vt, and an alum of Spaulding High School. And I am excited to have this opportunity to help younger writers hone their skills. I have put up some of my work so that you can see my style of writing and maybe get to know me a little more. Feel free to check it out, just keyword search Danielle_Landry.

EMILY HALLETT, Castleton State College
I am a senior here. My major is Education with a concentration in History. I am from Massachusetts, right outside of Boston. I play tennis at Castleton. I love to snowboard and do fun things outside! Thank you for this opportunity to work with young writers; I am excited to get started!

ERIC KAPITAN, Castleton State College
I am majoring in communications at Castleton with a concentration in mass media. I have a strong interest in writing, as well as video and film production. I enjoy viewing other peoples work in order to give them constructive feedback.

KIMBERLY LYONS, Castleton State College
I grew up on a farm in a small town in northern New Hampshire. Currently, however, I am an undergraduate student at Castleton. My majors are American Literature and Education, and I am also pursuing a Music minor. Ever since I was young I have been devouring books. While I am not an avid creative writer myself, I do enjoy writing pieces analyzing works of literature. It is my hope to some day teach high school English and inspire students the way I was inspired. When I have some free time, I also enjoy singing, playing the piano, and photography. I am looking forward to this opportunity at providing feedback for aspiring writers.

ASHLEIGH McDONOUGH, Castleton State College
I am from Brandon, Vermont, born in New Hampshire. I'm currently attending Castleton as a junior and going for an elementary education degree with a concentration in English. I enjoy playing sports and being outside. I am the oldest of four kids so I am a role model for my brothers and sister. I take my education very seriously, and I hope that when I graduate I'll be able to teach children the way my teachers have taught me.

TAYLOR PORTER, Castleton State College
I'm a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, and New England Patriots. But if you pulled my leg I'd have to say the Red Sox are my favorite team of all time. I also enjoy reading and playing video games. If you think you can beat me at Guitar Hero you've got another thing coming. I've been all over the United States. All of New England, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, Florida, Arizona... I look forward to reading your writing, and I hope my criticism is helpful.

DREW SHEA, Castleton State College
I'm 18 and am a freshman at Castleton. I love to play lacrosse and wrestle.

DANIELLE WALSH, University of Vermont
Hey all! I'm Danielle, Dani for short. I'm a Biology and English double major at UVM and I'm a senior. I'm a tutor at the UVM Writing Center and I also do a little tutoring in biology and I grade math papers. When not working or studying I enjoy horseback riding and ballroom dancing. Of course, I'm always up for a good book as well. In working with the Young Writer's Project I hope to instill my love of writing in others and to provide the feedback that I wish I had had as a young writer.

MAEGAN WALSH, Castleton State College
I'm 17 and am from Cresskill, NJ, a small town in North Jersey. I currently attend Castleton as a freshman. I enjoy to snowboard, play soccer, and softball.

SUZANNE WILLIAMS, Castleton State College
I am a mother of four children ages 15, 13, 9, and 4. I have three boys and one girl. I am currently a full-time student at Castleton. I am planning to get my teaching degree. I was born in Bogota, Columbia (South America) and was adopted when I was two years old. I grew up on Long Island, New York. I love both reading and writing. I am excited to participate in the Young Writers Project.

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