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Emerald Ash Borer

     The emerald ash borer is a bug that has spread into Vermont from places like Ohio and Michigan. These bugs are an invasive species that kill all species of ash trees. The emerald ash borers are about one-fourth to one-half inch long and bullet shaped with a flat back. According to The U.S. Department of agriculture, “Ash trees lose most of their canopy within 2 years of infestation and die within 3-4 years.” This means that if this keeps happening the ash trees will keep on dying. The big question about this bug is if we try to stop it and if so how do we stop its spread? All we need to do is not move the firewood and spread the word.

        The first thing we should do to help is to spread the word. If we know what an ash tree looks like, what the emerald ash borer looks like and what the harm on the tree looks like from the emerald ash borer we will be more aware of what is happening. According to The arbor day foundation, some of the symptoms of the emerald ash borer are , “Thinning or dying of ash tree crowns, suckers at the base of the tree, splitting bark, tunneling under the bark, D-shaped exit holes and woodpecker activity.” This will also help so that we can tell what trees are being harmed by the bug.

    Another thing that we should try to do is to not move firewood around and keep it local. This is the biggest way that the emerald ash borer is spread and why it has been spread to Vermont. When we spread the wood there is the emerald ash borer in some of the ash wood that we are carrying around. If we weren’t carrying the emerald ash borer around in wood then it would have stayed in Michigan where it was transported from because the emerald ash borer only moves about one to two miles per year, which is very slow for an invasive species.First of all, we shouldn't use pesticides because it would be harmful to the environment. The pesticides will not help with the damage that has been done to the tree but will help with stopping more damage that could be done. This means that most ash trees that are badly damaged are not going to be worth trying to save. Pesticides also are very expensive so buying $10 worth of pesticides will only help with 1 inch of the width of the trunk. These pesticides are also harmful because they might not just help the ash trees but the pesticide might also hurt other animals other that the emerald ash borer.

    Overall we should pretty much just let nature handle the problem and try not to spread the bug by moving firewood.

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