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Sep 23



Hello, and welcome to Digital Drawing Level II. In this Playlist, you will be going more in-depth with the skills learned in Digital Drawing Level I. The xp's in this playlist will be shorter, because at this point, you will need to play around with your program and get used to drawing on the computer, with limited guidance. This Playlist will not help you develop a drawing style, practice will.

For this Playlist, you will need a computer, a drawing program, and a mouse or tablet. You are not required to purchase a tablet or expensive drawing program, although if you are continuing into Level II, it is assumed that you are more serious about digital art, and may want to consider buying a tablet. This Playlist will begin to talk about tablets and how to use them, so mouse-users should be aware of this.


A decent entry-level tablet will cost you about $100. Some are cheaper, but the quality is less guaranteed. Be sure to look through reviews of whatever tablets you are considering purchasing before making a decision.
What to look for in a tablet are the following:
included stylus pen,
included cord or wireless capabilities,
good reviews of the product/support,
included tablet drivers,
customizable buttons.
You do not need something with a huge drawing surface, and you do not need something with a display screen. My tablet is only 8.3 by 7 inches, so was the smallest size that included a pen with an eraser, but it works amazingly.

Wacom is generally considered to be the best brand. The entry-level Wacom tablets are called Wacom Intuos. You can find them on various websites. There are other brands of tablet out there, they are just slightly harder to find. Make sure to look through reviews of whatever brand you consider to assure quality.


Photoshop is an expensive drawing program. It is very powerful and fun to work with, but not something that is required to complete this Playlist. An affordable option is using Mischief (you would need to purchase it, because the free version does not contain layers). Another option is Krita. These two are probably the best of the cheap/free drawing programs.

Although you are not required to change drawing programs for this Playlist, these are recommended.

Let's get started in the next XP!