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Sep 26

Select & Transform

What does Select and Transform Mean?

At this point, you have definitely drawn something, only to have an aspect (such as a figure’s head) be the wrong size. Photoshop and Krita will allow you to select an area of a content, scale it, and move it. At this time, Mischief has not developed those tools.

This XP will tell you how to select and scale content using the lasso and transform tools in Krita and Photoshop. This is good information for people who use Mischief to know, despite not having the lasso or transform tool (so you should read through it anyway if that applies to you). At the end of this XP, there will be a small segment specifically for Mischief users that will allow you to scale certain areas of content, though not as freely as you would with these tools.


The selection tool will likely look like a loop, possibly made out of dashed lines. In Photoshop, the tool looks like this. To use the selections tool (called the lasso tool in Photoshop), select it, and make a circle around the area of content you want to manipulate. Select your mouse tool, and move the area. Make sure you are on the correct layer before doing this- if you mess up, remember that you can undo mistakes by either hitting the undo button, or hitting command/ctrl Z.


To transform your selection, go into your pull-down tabs and find the transform option. You should now have a box that looks like this around your content area. When you scale it larger, grab the corner, and pull.

IMPORTANT: always hold down the shift key when you do this. Otherwise, your nice drawing will be warped, and you will never get it back to the original. Ever.

Select and Transform in Mischief

In Mischief, you should have the square selection tool. Find that, and select it. On you original image, use it to select the area you want to transform. Copy the area, create a new layer, and paste. Transform the layer you are working on. This will manipulate the content area. The example image is not solid, so in this case you will need to erase or cover up the original content so that they are not overlapping. Once you have done this, you will have a transformed image.

Closing Activity

Draw an image, and scale a portion of it. If you discovered a shortcut for tips for your program, write about them. Post both your original drawing, the drawing with a part of it scaled, and any tips you came across.