About YWP Accounts


About YWP Accounts

Hey YWP! We're always looking to strengthen our online community and sometimes that means making a few changes along the way. All new accounts on YWP are now reserved for teens, 13-19, who make up the majority of the YWP community. Our website is designed and intended specifically for this age group. 

Younger account-holders who joined YWP before this change took effect are welcome to stay on the site, but new accounts for those 12 and younger will not be approved. We encourage younger writers and artists to keep creating and come back to us as soon as they turn 13!

We've extended the age to 19 to take into account high school seniors who have a 19th birthday during their final year, and for anyone who wants to continue with or join the YWP community in their 19th year.

If you're new to YWP, and you're between 13 and 19 years of age, we welcome you to join our online community – and explore a world of creativity with other teen creators! Post your writing and art, comment and chat online with your fellow writers and artists, get published, and have fun. Register for your free account today. Go to "Sign Up" on the homepage. Use a personal email, not a school email. And get started!

Contact us if you have any questions about this or anything else at YWP: Susan Reid, YWP executive director, sreid@youngwritersproject.org, or message Reid@YWP on the site.