Swirl of pink, purple, yellow, blue and lines create a human profile
Illustration by cedar, YWP

Painters and poets, photographers and storytellers, join us in ArtSpace! 

Discover beautiful, meaningful art – out in the world and right here at YWP. ArtSpace is our arts hub, a creative gathering place for all the information you'll need to explore YWP's visual art projects, contests, workshops, and challenges through the year!

Have you seen YWP Alumni Advisor Kevin Huang's Online Photography Workshops? They're full of great tips and creative ideas!

Photo Workshop announcement with lighthouse photo
"Gloucester, MA," photo by Kevin Huang, YWP Alumni Advisor

Photo workshop 1: Composition

Photo workshop 2: Lighting

Photo Workshop 3: Color

geometric design



Congratulations to YWP's Spring Contest Winners! Find out more!

[Art by Ibrahim Ibrahim, YWP]


Colorful paints at Wolf Kahn's studio, courtesy of Wolf Kahn Foundation site.
From Wolf Kahn's studio, Wolf Kahn website
  • GREAT ARTISTS CHALLENGE: Our monthly feature celebrates outstanding contemporary artists who inspire YWP's young artists. 

Great Artists Challenge

Great Artists Archive

Painting of yellow flower against blue background. Inspired by Georgia O'Keefe.
Acrylic painting, "The Sun," by Lily Mortensen, YWP, inspired by Great Artists Challenge


  • VISUAL ART GALLERY: This prominent display on our website homepage, which is updated daily, showcases the work of YWP's artists in response to weekly visual art challenges and the Great Artists Challenge.


Ink drawing of winding stream
"Ink Stream" by roma, YWP, one of the prize-winners in Art in Nature contest

YWP Community! If you're interested in getting involved in ArtSpace – organizing, brainstorming, leading projects – of if you have any questions about it, contact YWP executive director Susan Reid at