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Young Writers Project is an independent nonprofit that provides a vibrant and enriching online community for teen writers and visual artists. Most members of our community are between 13 and 19 years of age, and as of spring 2024, all new accounts are reserved for this age group.

Teachers, please let your students know about Young Writers Project!

Many teens join our community because a teacher suggested they try it out. We encourage you to introduce your students to Young Writers Project (YWP) – and then set them free to start their own accounts on our website, create their own individual works in their own time, and develop as writers and artists. 

We have found the best outcomes happen when a young person chooses to join YWP on their own terms. As members of our online community, they have their own blogs and 24/7 access to interactive forums, challenges, contests, and publication opportunities. All of YWP is free – and it can be a life-changing experience!

Teachers are uniquely positioned to watch for young people who they know will benefit from being part of YWP. We are so grateful to you for guiding them to a place where they can create, feel supported, and be inspired!


  • Our website,, is designed and intended for teens, 13-19, who make up the majority of the YWP community. 
  • Website accounts, contest entries, and all YWP features are offered free of charge, supported by the donations of individuals, foundations, and businesses. As an independent nonprofit, YWP is not funded by or affiliated with federal or state education departments. 
  •  Youth who sign up for accounts with YWP will be asked to use their personal emails, not school emails, and to provide complete and accurate information for verification purposes. Please be aware of any federal or state education regulations that might apply to the sharing of classroom work online.
  • YWP will not approve new accounts for students who are 12 and younger or teacher submissions on their behalf. Please encourage pre-teen students to get to know YWP, be patient, and join our teenage community as soon as they turn 13.
  • Teachers of students of all ages are welcome to use YWP's challenges and any other resources on our website that are helpful. Teacher accounts are not required.


Challenges and Contests: All our writing and visual art challenges and contests can be found in one central Challenges page. These include Weekly Challenges, Contests, Opinion & Commentary, Great Artists, and Great Poets. Students with YWP accounts can click “Respond” on any challenge or contest and their submission will link to it. They’re also free to post “freestyle” writing or visual art that is not attached to a challenge by clicking the "Create" button on the homepage. For contests, YWP offers cash prizes and publication of the winning submissions. There is no entry fee, but a YWP account is required to participate.

Publication: Every year, YWP publishes hundreds of pieces of exceptional writing and visual art in our annual anthology; our monthly digital magazine, The Voice; and with our Vermont media partners,, Rutland Herald, and Barre-Montpelier Times Argus.
Accessibility: YWP strives to be accessible to any young writer or artist who wants to join us. With our website redesign in 2023, we made improvements to the accessibility and usability of our site, including clear and contrast-free typeface, fonts, and colors; alternative text; and easier site navigation.


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Email works best! Contact Susan Reid, YWP executive director: 324-9538