Man at desk with black birds
["Asgardian Seagulls," digital art by cedar, YWP]
  • Waiting

    Wondering if too much of my happiness is in your hands.

    Answering the phone eagerly only to hear the yapping of telemarketers.

    Interesting, how you didn't call.

    Tidying the entryway. 

  • It's Not You Until It Is

    It's not you until it is. 

    It's not you until you decide to text back. 

    Till you say yes when you mean no. 

    Till it's passed midnight. 

    Till all of your friends have left. 

  • ☮️

    A circle, and three lines

    Put everywhere the sun can shine

    Left and right, big or small,

    Short little houses and buildings tall

    We know the symbol, we’ve known it for long

    But do we really know it’s sweet song?

  • Music

    Melodies are like a cloudless sky,

    sometimes gliding into your head

    and other times disappearing into a thin wisp of air like an

    Umbrella of fear,