Man at desk with black birds
["Asgardian Seagulls," digital art by cedar, YWP]
  • Janus

    He who sees without eyes,

    he who’s earth and yet flies,

    he who lives and yet dies,

    who is he?


    He who speaks without thought,

    he whose theft is uncaught,

    he who’s desperately sought,

  • Mother Knows Best

    Sometimes I reflect on my own thoughts,

    Thinking “Why even think that?”

    Cause at the end of the day I am usually the one in the wrong

    Which I don’t mind being wrong.

  • Time


    Opening your eyes,

    Seeing the world.


    Feeling your feet,

    On the cold wooden floor


    The big building hold information,

    Books, Math and intelligent adults.


  • Glory


    never-ending and formidable

    wanting more than you have

    satisfaction is an enemy

    you are warned.



    a desire that cannot be shattered

    always lurking around in every corner