Man at desk with black birds
[Illustration: "Asgardian Seagulls," digital art by cedar, YWP]
  • Who Is Autumn?

    Autumn is a woman with a top hat and golden eyes atop a horse as dark as night.

    Autumn is the auburn hills glowing in the light of the harvest moon.

    Autumn is the pumpkins and the squash and the nostalgia.

  • Fall is a Queen Bee

    In the crisp embrace of my russet leaf patch, 
    a Queen Bee reigns supreme, Her presence unmatched. 
    Her saintly swarm rustles me, yet I am blessed, 
    for She brings forth the chilly scent of ember rest. 

  • Well… maybe

    “You like him”

    “No, I don’t” 

    “Yes you do”

    “What are you talking about”

    “Have you seen the way, your eyes look at him” 


    “Have you seen the way your cheeks flush”


    “You like him”