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Daily Challenges

A new idea to explore and create each day. Use sound and photos, too!

May 26
The Moon
You get to travel to the moon! What do you find? Is there another form of life there? Can you find any secrets hidden underground...? Or is it just as the world expects it? Be creative and have fun with it! 
May 26
Photo3-Lights. Write a piece inspired by this photo (by Alagich Katya, Creative Commons license). 
May 25
Quirky, silly & demanding, also life-savers, best friends, loyal companions. Pets can play a huge role in your life. Tell a story about a pet you know. 
May 24
Summer's almost here -- thinking of an exciting new adventure? What is something new you'd like to try? Or what special parts of past summers would you like to relive?Write in rhyme if you really want to be adventurous! 
May 24
My only thought was Run! Run as fast as you can...Use this line in a story. 
May 22
A flashbulb memory is one you can see in your mind’s eye "as if it were yesterday." Write the story of a flashbulb memory you have, putting us right in the action.Extension: Talk to someone else who was there. How does their recollection differ from yours? Write their account of the story. 
May 22
I Wonder
Write a story, poem, song or essay around the idea of: I wonder... 
May 08
What would spark you to write? Create an ORIGINAL writing challenge -- for yourself and your YWP peers -- for the Weekly Challenges of the 17-18 school year!Keep it short. One word title. Couple of sentences. Or one photo or illustration or a link to a sound prompt. (Give credit to the source.)#...
May 08
Today. Write about the most interesting thing you heard or discovered today.  
May 05
You ... in a phrase
In one or more sentence(s), describe yourself by finishing off the phrase "I am the one who ..." Tell us something that we may not know about you.  
May 01
 Arm. You wake up to discover you have grown a third arm. How does the extra arm come in handy or get in the way?(Quinn Dombrowski photo, Creative Commons) 
May 01
Family. Write a story or poem that includes this sentence, “They sat at the dining-room table, the family of four…”(William Brawley, Creative Commons) 
Apr 24
Flying Car
The future is now. You now own a flying car. Tell a story on how you use it each day, how it changes your life or our culture. Or write a story about the myriad of problems that emerge from insufficient battery life, getting lost, etc.For those of you into old-time camp cartoons, cars like this...
Feb 10
YWP is...
YWP is ...what?  We at Young Writers Project really appreciate learning what you gain from your involvement with us. We like to know what works and what doesn't. We like to know the impact of this community, the comments you get from your fellow writers or from us at YWP or our college mentors. We...
Apr 24
Photo10-House. Write a story or poem based on this illustration (by Ava Kendrick of Harwood Union High School, Vermont.) 
Apr 24
Peeves. What is a pet peeve of yours? (You can write about ALL your pet peeves, if you like!) What really gets to you? Write your best rant, make a rhyme, shout it out! 
Apr 24
Road. Think about Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” and write a story about two characters who stand at a crossroads and choose opposite roads/directions/options. Tell their story or focus on an aspect of the decision – their conversation, the outcome, the process of making the decision. 
Apr 20
100 Days
Looking for a place to rant and rave? You're at the right place! Tell us your thoughts about the first 100 days of the Trump administration.And record yourself reading your piece -- right on your blog (click Audio and try the Recording tab upper right. Please use Firefox or Safari).Read as if you'...
Apr 17
Backpack. One day you’re digging way down to the bottom of your backpack when you come across the most incredible thing. Describe it. What do you do with it?Photo credit: Blake Bolinger, Creative Commons 
Apr 17
Lucky. What is your lucky number? How do you know? Tell a story about your luck and the number.