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Daily Challenges

A new idea to explore and create each day. Use sound and photos, too!

Feb 24
NEIGHBORHOOD: Tell stories about where you live -- your house, your neighborhood, your road, your community. Any story is good. Write fast. Use digital media. Use sensory description.Theme/story suggestions: What does your home look like? What is around it?  What do people do? What are the problems...
Feb 24
Home. Where do you feel most at home, most confident, most strong, most you? A room, a park, a workshop, a sports field? Why?Include a photo if you can.  
Jan 25
Inspiration: What woman or women do you admire and why? Tell the story and how this person (or group of people) has affected you.March 8 is International Womens Day! YWP is partnering with organizers in Vermont to celebrate with a special challenge. One or two responses will be chosen to be...
Feb 20
Protest II
How do you feel about this? Two Burlington High School students recently testified to a Vermont legislative committee about the need for a proposed bill to codify handling of high school student newspapers. Listen to VPR's 11-minute interview/story about it and/or follow this link to vpr.net and...
Feb 22
7.84 minutes
This challenge will bend your mind. Visit: http://networkeffect.io/ -- a remarkable way to experience the Internet. You will only be able to spend 7.84 minutes (U.S. users) watching it, exploring it. NOTICE what you are feeling & thinking. Take some screen shots.When it is over, write what you...
Feb 18
Brattleboro (VT) High School students on Friday protested the new U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos saying that she was unqualified and her policies will hurt U.S. public schools. What do you think? Click WRITE to share your thoughts.Click title on this challenge or this link to read the...
Feb 24
Awkward. Write the dialogue of an excruciatingly uncomfortable meeting or experience. 
Feb 24
Art. Think of your life as a piece of art. What’s in the picture? Are you viewing it or are you in it? Describe the size, medium, colors. 
Feb 13
This challenge is for you to continue two stories from Vermont Writes Day. Below are the links, just click the SPROUT button below the one you like. (DO NOT click WRITE.)The PendantThe HouseWe're calling this collaborative storytelling, or network narrative. If you find a sprout (or several)...
Feb 17
Hope/Despair: Think of these emotions and their contrast. Use that to fuel a poem or story--real or imagined. 
Feb 13
Sound4-Chimes. Listen to the sound and write a story or poem. 
Feb 13
Bully. Write a letter to a bully or from a bully. The story can be real or imagined. Don’t use real names.(Art courtesy of http://eskipaper.com/) 
Feb 15
Write in the voice of a mythical creature...(artwork by kyrridwen) 
Feb 10
Photo by Zolakoma (Creative Commons).Write a story or poem inspired by your character(s) discovering a mysterious object in a thrift shop or flea market.#vtwrites17 
Feb 10
Include the following words in a story or poem: callous, pickle, spell, snail, firefighter.#vtwrites17 
Feb 10
Use this phrase at the beginning or end of your piece: “I just knew…”#vtwrites17 
Feb 10
Write from the perspective of an antagonist. How did he or she become the “bad guy” (bully, thief, villain)? What’s the backstory?#vtwrites17 
Feb 10
A baby was born today. Write a letter to introduce this child to the world as you see it.#vtwrites17 
Feb 10
Siren sound by May.Cuddlepie (Creative Commons).What does the sound of a siren make you think of? What is happening? Are they coming for you? Or your character?#vtwrites17 
Feb 10
Share your best writing of any category (including images, sound, digital stories).#livechallenge