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Daily Challenges

A new idea to explore and create each day. Use sound and photos, too!


You're sitting in the dentist's waiting room and you hear a grumbling in your stomach. You look down toward your belly button to see ... Finish the story. [Photo Credit: Neil Williamson, Creative Commons]  

This is a test, this is only a test

And this, my friends, is the test.I have included all the digital media possibilities, including a photo uploaded here.I have added a date, tag for live and hashtag.We'll see how it goes. #ywptesting


On your birthday, you wake up to discover a mysterious note next to your bed that says you now have the ability to sprout wings! However, that ability isn't totally under your control. Whenever someone says the word, "fly," your wings come out — whether you want them to or not...  [Photo Credit:...


Create a planet that is exactly like Earth, except there is one major difference (for instance, there is no gravity). What is that one difference? What is it like on the planet? Does it have a name? Who are the characters who live there? [Photo Credit: Nate Ertle] 


What happens when suddenly the things you dream about at night come to life the next morning? [Photo Credit: Yote Farrel] 


Describe that moment when you realized that you are — we all are — just a speck in the universe. Did it hit you all at once like a thunderbolt or was it a gradual dawning? [Photo Credit: Christopher Leow] 


Explain your entire life — such as the major events and experiences that have shaped who you are and what you love — in just five sentences.[Photo Credit: Kevin Huang]


What are three objects that help explain your personality? Why? (Share photos if you can.)[Photo Credit: Melissa Morris]


What was the most embarrassing moment of your life? How did it change you? Or what did you learn from it? Tell the story.[Photo Credit: Katlyn Whitehouse]


Ask a parent, guardian, or sibling about a childhood memory they have never told you before. Tell their story.[Photo Credit: Ashley Gehsmann]


Write about that one moment in your life that felt like a scene right out of a movie.[Photo Credit: Kevin Huang]


Listen to this clip of radio static by GowlerMusic (freesound.org) and write a piece of fiction with a reference to this sound in it. (Download this clip and include it with your post so we can play it while reading.)​​ [Photo Credit: Alan Levine, Creative Commons] 


Go outside. What is the first animal you hear? The call of a bird? The bark of a dog? (Humans are animals, too.) Write from the perspective of that animal. What is (are) the animal(s) talking about? (If you have a smartphone or can borrow one, record the sounds and upload to your post.) [Photo...


(UPDATED) Use sound to add a dramatic effect to your piece. Record a bold narration of a piece you like. Add sound within the body of a piece. Give an overly dramatic reading of a long ago piece you wrote. [Photo Credit: Jeff Schultz] 


Express. Your. Independence. You are lucky. Others are not. Tell us how you are acting independent this summer. Or tell us how you are helping others gain independence.Original image via Flikr Creative Commons, courtesy of geishaboy 500


Listen to the sounds of Mativve (freesound.org). What picture/person/place or situation comes to mind? Describe it. OR imagine yourself or a created character immersed in this soundscape. (Download this clip and include it with your post so we can play it while reading.)​  [Photo Credit: Ian Ballou...


Listen to the sounds of Clearwater Beach, Fla., by John Sipos (freesound.org) and write a story based on what you hear and feel. (Download this clip and include it with your post so we can play it while reading.)  [Photo Credit: Katie James] 

July/August Book

Description: From July 24th - August 18th, the YWP Book Club will be reading Some Kind of Courage by Dan Gemeinhart. Gemeinhart, former teacher and librarian, is an up and coming YA author most well-known for his debut novel The Honest Truth. Some Kind of Courage is his second of three novels. As...


Your character is lost in the woods with only the clothes on their back, a bottle of water, and an animal that won't stop following them. What happens?[Photo Credit: Derek Pham]


Start your story with a character finding a note that totally surprises them. What does the note say? Keep the story going when the note is read and put down. [Photo Credit: Emma Parizo]