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There's a lot going on in the world. By expressing your opinion and sharing your commentary with YWP, you can begin to make sense of things, build a connection with others, and work toward positive change.

Our list of opinion challenges will keep growing along with the year's news and events. Your responses may be published in YWP's digital magazine and annual anthology and with our Vermont media partners. Your opinion matters! Find out more about opinion & commentary.

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  • Writing


    Floods, hurricanes, punishing heat. Have you experienced extreme weather this summer? Write about it.

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    Follow the lead of poet and essayist Ross Gay, and write an essayette about something that delighted you today!

    [Challenge created by Over the Rainbow, YWP; Hummingbird photo by laurenm, YWP]

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    Biden's Choice

    Should President Joe Biden stay the course or leave the race for president? A poor debate performance has Americans wondering. What do you think?

  • Writing


    The U.S. surgeon general says social media platforms need warning labels because they are contributing to a mental health crisis among young people. What do you think?

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    Big Oil

    Vermont has become the nation’s first state to require fossil fuel companies and other big emitters to pay for climate-related damage. How do you perceive the fight to protect the planet from climate change? Do you see hints of hope? 

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    World Happiness

    The 2024 World Happiness report lists Finland as the world's happiest country, with the U.S. dropping out of the top 20, and young people in North America showing a decline in happiness. Read the report. What is your experience?

  • Writing


    Donald Trump was found guilty May 30 of falsifying business records to cover up a sex scandal that threatened his 2016 presidential campaign. Trump is now a convicted felon. He is also the presumptive 2024 Republican nominee for president. Thoughts?

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    Create a Challenge

    Help YWP create inspiring challenges for writing or visual art. Think about what makes an interesting prompt and share your idea with us! 

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    Some schools across the U.S. are banning cellphones, not just limiting their use. State legislatures, including Vermont, Kansas, and Oklahoma, are considering "phone-free schools" legislation. How would a cellphone ban at school affect your life?

  • Writing


    Vermont Writers: Seven Days and its magazine Kids VT are looking for poems or short stories with a summer theme to publish in an upcoming issue. Deadline: May 21, 2024

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    Poetry Month

    April is National Poetry Month! Write a poem. Introduce us to a poet you love. Describe the impact that poetry – your own and others' – has on your life.