Opinion & Commentary

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There's a lot going on in the world. By expressing your opinion and sharing your commentary with YWP, you can begin to make sense of things, build a connection with others, and work toward positive change.

Our list of opinion challenges will keep growing along with the year's news and events. Your responses may be published in YWP's digital magazine and annual anthology and with our Vermont media partners. Your opinion matters! Find out more about opinion & commentary.

[Illustration by Tess LaLonde, YWP]


  • Writing


    What do you think about Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, and whatever else is coming at us? Are we ready for this? 

  • Writing

    My Plea

    In poetry or prose, make a plea for the planet that will change minds and inspire action. 

  • Writing


    "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that."

  • Writing


    What is the impact of bias on our world? Write about it as you see it in your daily life or in your reading.

  • Writing

    No Gilead

    Abortion rights advocates won major victories in elections in Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia on Nov. 7. To imagine life without those rights, read about the fictional Gilead in Margaret Atwood's book, The Handmaid's Tale. What is your opinion?

  • Writing


    In the cold, lightless days of early winter, warm us up with sweet memories of camp – sun up to sun down, share your campfire stories and the experiences you had there. Write about camp!

  • Visual Art

    Stick Season

    In Vermont, it's called "stick season" – the brief period after the leaves have fallen and before the snow arrives. In visual art or words, convey the mood and atmosphere of this short, stark, fifth season.

  • Writing


    "There is no solution to the gun problem, and little more to write, because Americans are addicted to firearms," says author Stephen King in response to the mass shooting Oct. 25 in his home state of Maine. What do you think?

  • Writing


    Imagine a young person, your age, living in Ukraine today or in a new land where they were forced to flee the Russian invasion of their country. Write about them or to them. What is their life like as war drags on?

  • Writing

    Banned Books

    Book bans and restrictions are increasing in schools and libraries across the country. Read and write about it! 

  • Writing


    Human rights – reproductive, gender, racial – are under attack in America. What is your experience or perspective?