Helping Youths Find Voice

Maybe we should call it The Fun Writing Project

Young Writers Project is open to teen (and pre-teen) writers and artists from anywhere. Our home base is Burlington, Vermont, but we welcome storytellers from all over the world on We have just one rule: Be respectful. And it works -- YWP is a remarkably safe and civil place to share your writing, photos, art, audio and video.

At YWP, we believe that writing (and storytelling in all forms) is:
  • Fun
  • Worth the risk (we don't judge; we encourage) 
  • An essential skill for success in all aspects of life


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What YWP offers you

For more than 10 years, Young Writers Project has been a phenomenon of civility and respect. The thousands of members who have participated since 2006 say they value the community's civility, which has allowed them to risk sharing unfinished ideas or freely express their own viewpoints without fear of judgment or reprimand.  

You can't put a price on that, which is why is a free forum to practice your craft and get your best work published. We encourage you to become a community leader so you can have a say in all that YWP does, from developing daily challenges to selecting the very best work for publication. Let us know if you would like to be a community leader!

So sign up. Just click LOGIN/JOIN and tell us who you are. Be accurate -- we check all applications before approval to ensure this remains a safe community of youths (or approved mentors, adult educators and artists). We do not share your personal information. (Users under 13 need permission from a parent or guardian to join; click here for the form.) We'll send you a confirmation email once your account has been approved.

Questions? Contact Susan Reid or Geoffrey Gevalt.
It's amazing how much fun learning can be!
Write to any of the daily Challenges to help you explore new, interesting ideas. Post your responses and you can get reaction and help from other users on the site or from YWP staff and mentors. (TIP: The best way to get feedback is to give it; comment on other users' work!) For each new school year, YWP also provides a list of Weekly Challenges.
Find support and inspiration. Ideaboard is a space to share any story ideas you have; or try the 6-Word Story or the 500-Character Story. We also have special challenges and projects throughout the year. Check's main page for frequent updates. And if your best work is considered for publication, you'll receive more specific suggestions from YWP staff, mentors or community leaders that can help to polish it further. These will be in the form of comments and private annotations (for your eyes only). 
Decide what you want to learn in YWP Academy, devoted to guided, interactive workshops. Each workshop is broken down into short, bite-sized steps and offers you a chance to work on basic writing skills, explore new ones (like creating digital media) or tackle community/global issues alongside other artists. It's free!

Attend live workshops, author talks and conferences. These are mostly in Vermont, but some of the events are video-streamed so you can attend remotely. Keep an eye on the front page and YWP Events (under IDEAS in the main menu).

SPECIAL FOR SCHOOLS: My Community Project. This comprehensive storytelling program is being offered to schools for a modest $250 annual fee. Teachers receive a private website and community storytelling workshops (on site and online) to enrich their curriculum and fire up reluctant writers. Students will have the opportunity to interview people in their community to tell their story or to shed light on important local issues. This is a multi-media project with broad publication possibilities with YWP's media partners.

You've written something that you love. You've shared it with other writers and mentors on You've revised it, based on the helpful feedback you've received -- and now it's dynamite! Next stop? Publication.

Over the years, Young Writers Project has published the work of more than 18,000 youths in newspapers, on radio and TV, on stage, on other valued websites, and in our monthly digital magazine, The Voice. 

While getting published is a great goal -- what writer doesn't want more readers? -- you also have the option of NOT having a piece published and/or making it visible only to YWP community members.

Learn more about finding your audience!

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