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[Illustration by Alexandra Contreras-Montesano, YWP archive]


Young Writers Project is a free online community of teen writers and visual artists.

​Young Writers Project (YWP) invites all young creators – 13 to 18 years of age, from anywhere – to join the YWP community. Youth who are 12 may join with parental permission. Teachers are also welcome to gather inspiration from our challenges and resources, and to submit student work for publication through the “For Teachers” tab on the site. 

YWP's mission is to inspire, mentor, publish, and promote young writers and artists. We are an independent nonprofit that started in 2006 in Burlington, VT, which is still our home base.

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  • Sign up for your free YWP account.
  • Choose a username, provide accurate information, get approved.
  • Start creating your writing and visual art.
  • Connect with others directly on the YWP website.
  • Respond to inspiring writing and art challenges.
  • Get published in YWP’s annual anthology and monthly literary magazine, and with our media partners in Vermont. 
  • Have fun!


YWP is...

Here's what members of the YWP community say.

Photo of Emilia Williams

YWP is accepting. The moment you join the community, you are welcomed with open arms. Being a part of this community has encouraged me to continue creating, explore different mediums, and interact with writers and artists from all over. The people here are all wonderful and unique!

- Emilia Williams, Thetford Center, VT

Photo of Vivien Sorce

YWP is brilliant. For over six years, YWP has uplifted, supported and motivated me. Not only is it a fun, open, and inclusive space to spend time, but a home where finding people like yourself and amazing writers and artists to connect with is right at your fingertips, where you become a part of a wholehearted community of young teens who share a passion for expressing themselves through art and writing.

 - Vivien Sorce, Hinesburg, VT

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YWP 2006-Now

Young Writers Project (YWP) was founded as an independent nonprofit in Burlington, VT, in 2006 by Geoff Gevalt, then managing editor of the Burlington Free Press, with support from the Vermont Business Roundtable, to help young people become better writers. Over the years, YWP has evolved into a dynamic online community of teen writers and visual artists who post more than 10,000 submissions to youngwritersproject.org each year. The YWP website stands out on the internet as an oasis of civility and creativity where aspiring young writers and artists explore and create together, share meaningful feedback, make friends, gain skills, and experience the joy and affirmation of being published. Along the way, they become better writers and artists. YWP is empowering. It can be life changing.

 How the Site Works


Questions? Contact Susan Reid, YWP executive director: sreid@youngwritersproject.org, (802) 324-9538