YWP: A creative space for young writers and artists

A respectful community, a unique approach

Young Writers Project inspires, mentors, publishes, and promotes young writers and artists.

YWP is a community of youths and mentors who love the art of writing. Our website, publications, events and workshops provide a safe and respectful environment where young people, most between 13 and 19, gain the ability to express themselves clearly, think creatively and discover who they are — a process that can be life-changing in both their personal and professional lives. We are based in Vermont, and welcome young writers, artists and photographers from everywhere.

YWP has a unique approach that:
• helps young people find, explore and gain enthusiasm for their own ideas;
• provides safe, civil, non-judgmental spaces to share work and exchange feedback;
• shows how to improve skills and quality of work; and
• publishes best work to bring affirmation and a sense of purpose.

Listen to what longtime YWPer Sophia Cannizzaro has to say about Young Writers Project:

(Top illustration by Alexandra Contreras-Montesano)

A phenomenon of civility since 2006

Young Writers Project has just one rule: Be respectful. And it works - youngwritersproject.org is a remarkably safe and civil place to share writing, photos, art, audio and video. Since YWP started in 2006, it has been an oasis of civility and respect. More than 110,000 young people have participated in YWP, and it's this culture of civility that continues to make YWP such a special place. Writers and artists feel free to take a risk, sharing unfinished ideas and expressing viewpoints without fear of judgment, and exploring and trying new things. It's a process of discovery. You can't put a price on that, which is why youngwritersproject.org is a free forum for young people between 13 and 19 (parental permission required for those under 13).


Young Writers Project, 47 Maple St., Suite 216, Burlington, VT 05401

Contact Executive Director Susan Reid: [email protected]; (802) 324-9538
YWP Staff and Board
Executive Director Susan Reid
[email protected], (802) 324-9538
A former reporter and bureau chief at the Toronto Star and editorial page editor of the Burlington Free Press, Susan joined Young Writers Project in 2011 and became executive director in 2018.

Publications Coordinator Anna Forsythe[email protected]
Anna is a writing and publishing graduate of Emerson College. She co-ordinates our stable of publications to help the work of young writers reach a genuine audience.

Programs Coordinator/Editor William Anderson: [email protected]
William has worked in many areas of newspapers and magazines, and also has a specialty in arts coverage. He focuses on new programs, editing, development and communications.

YWP Founder Geoffrey Gevalt: [email protected]
Geoff founded YWP in 2006 and was at the helm for 12 years. He has retired from YWP, but he'd love to hear from you!

Kathy Folley, Chair (retired teacher); [email protected]
Aimee Picchi, Board Vice-Chair (writer, journalist); [email protected]
Jessica Hyman, Treasurer (nonprofit leader, consultant); [email protected]

Jacques Bailly (UVM classics professor); [email protected]
Rita Markley (executive director of COTS, Committee on Temporary Shelter); [email protected]
Nathaniel Millarhouse (community organizer); [email protected]
Hillary Read (writer, marketing & communications); [email protected]
Shannon Ripp (digital, social media, former YWP intern); [email protected]
Mindy Wong (teacher, writer); [email protected]

We are located in downtown Burlington, Vermont, at 47 Maple St., Suite 216, (the Karma Birdhouse) near the intersection of Maple and Battery Streets. Enter via Maglianero Cafe, and find us on the second floor (near the back stairway). Street parking is available at metered spots, though spaces fill up during summer and other busy times. The nearest parking lot is close by at Perkins Pier — from the corner of Maple and Battery Streets, head west toward the lake and Perkins Pier will be right in front of you.
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