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Welcome to a Unique Community

This community is open to teen (and pre-teen) writers of all stripes from anywhere  -- the rookies and the wizards, the reluctant and the ardent, the rural and the urban. We believe writing should be fun. We believe you should be able to experiment with writing knowing that you won't be judged. We believe writing is an essential skill that will help you succeed.

This community is for you who wish to gain confidence, skills and voice. You will get encouragement without judgment, guidance without guilt. Fellow community members and YWP friends -- staff, mentors and artists -- will offer you reactions and suggestions to help you improve. And to top it off, your best work may get published. Take risk without fear: Join today.

So what is Young Writers Project? We are a small, passionate nonprofit that teaches writing. We are based in Vermont but have built a community that welcomes anyone from anywhere. We work tirelessly to help you discover your best ideas, revise your work to make it better and get shine for your best pieces with other valued audiences. 

Writing well makes you a better thinker, and being a better thinker sets you up for success, no matter what life has in store. Go ahead; it only takes a few clicks to become a member.


What YWP offers you


For 10 years this community has been a phenomenon of civility and respect. The 36,000+ members who have participated since 2006 say they value the community's civility, which has allowed them to risk sharing unfinished ideas or freely express their own viewpoints without fear of judgment or reprimand.  

You can't put a price on that, which is why youngwritersproject.org is a free forum to practice your craft and get your best work published. We encourage you to become a community leader -- a designation based on how much you invest in your own writing and in support of your fellow writers -- so you can gain say in all that YWP does and how it does it, from developing daily challenges to selecting what work gets published.

So sign up. The community is a perfect balance between social and substance, a place where you can be silly or serious, get help in basic skills or gain new expertise.

Signing up is free and easy: Just click LOGIN/JOIN and tell us who you are. Be accurate -- we check all applications before approval to ensure this remains a safe community of youths (or approved mentors, adult educators and artists). We do not share your personal information. (Users under 13 have to get permission from a parent or guardian to join; click here for the form.)

We'll send you a confirmation email once your account has been approved, which might take a few days from the time you sign up. Be patient, but do check your email (or spam basket) for our confirmation.

Questions? Problems? Contact Susan Reid or Geoffrey Gevalt.

You learn if you are interested. You get better if you're given specific feedback on how to make what you've created even better. Here's what you can do with YWP:
Write to any of the daily Challenges to help you explore new, interesting ideas. Post your responses here, and you can get get reaction and help. (TIP: The best way to get feedback is to give it; comment on other users' work!) And if your best work is considered for publicaiton, you'll get more specific suggestions from YWP staff, mentors or community leaders that can help to polish it further.
Get support and find inspiration. Ideaboard is a space to share story ideas you have; the 6-Word Story widget lets you create what you thought you couldn't; special challenges and projects give you a specific goal to work toward and reward you with prizes and fame; and college mentors offer you the feedback you crave.
Decide what you want to learn in YWP Academy, an area of this site entirely devoted to guided, interactive workshops. Some you can take at any time, some have a window of opportunity with live interaction with some of the best artists we can find. Each workshop is broken down into short, bite-sized steps and offers you a chance to work on basic writing skills, explore new ones (like creating digital media) or tackle community/global issues alongside other artists.

YWP Academy memberships are currently by invitation as we are in test phase. Interested? Contact Geoff Gevalt. Later, YWP Academy will be opened up on a donate-what-you-can basis. Can't afford to donate anything? Not to worry; full scholarships are available.
Attend live workshops, author talks and conferences. These are mostly for Vermonters, but some of the events are video-streamed to allow others to attend remotely. Keep an eye on the front page and YWP Events (under IDEAS in the main menu).

You've discovered an idea. You've drafted it, shared it with community members, revised it based on feedback and you are finally happy with how it reads. Next stop? Publication.

That's right. We at Young Writers Project publish your best work wherever we can because it's affirming -- That's MY work! I did that! -- and it's motivating -- dang, I want to get published AGAIN!

Over 10 years, YWP has published the work of more than 15,000 youths in newspapers, on radio and TV, on stage, on other valued websites and in our monthly digital magazine, The Voice. 

While getting published is a great goal -- what writer doesn't want more readers? -- we also recognize that sometimes you don't always want the world seeing what you wrote. Fear not: you CAN opt out of having a piece published and/or can make your post visible only to community members.

For more information and links to all the places we publish your work, go here.

Need more info? Click the link that fits you best.