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Oct 20
poem 0 comments challenge: Perfect
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Looking at the Sky

A perfect day for some,
would be spending it with the one they love,
but for me,
a perfect day is all in the sky.

The sun would rise, 
creating a canvas of pastel pinks and purples,
and as the day went on, 
it would turn a Carolina blue.

The gentle pitter-patter of the rain,
on a warm summer day,
falling all around me
almost completes my idea of the perfect day.

To finish it off, 
the sky turns an almost black,
Oct 08

Anthology 10 Book Launch!

Anthology 10 Reading, Sunday, October 6th
Congratulations to all the YWP writers and artists published in Anthology 10! The work read on Sunday was all-around powerful, moving, and beautiful. I feel incredibly fortunate to photograph these amazing events! Congrats everyone! (You can download Anthology 10 here.)
Sep 20

Climate Action with YWP

[Photos by Shannon Ripp and Susan Reid, YWP]
Thank you Hazel Civalier, Sophie Dauerman and Lizzy Fox for leading an inspiring workshop and poster-making session for YWP's Voices for Change series at Burlington City Arts, Thursday, Sept. 19 in preparation for Friday's Climate Strike!
Aug 22

Community Leaders 2019-20

Photo by LIa Chien, YWP Community Leader

Thanks for all your support!

Dec 07
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Sep 24

Social Justice! Oct. 24

VOICES FOR CHANGE: With YWP Community Leaders Narges Anzali and Becca Orten and VT Poet Lizzy Fox. Bring your social justice poetry and prose! Be inspired to write something new! Share your voice or simply listen. All are welcome! SIGN UP HERE!
Sep 08

As I Am in the World - Oct. 26 Workshop

Jul 30

Community Leaders' Newsletter


Jul 22


Complete the thought, “I feel alive when…” in just two paragraphs.
[Photo credit: YWP Media Library, photo by Charlotte Hughes]
Jul 22


Everybody has their idea of a perfect day, when everything falls into place just right. Write about "my kind of day," starting when you wake up, moving through the day, and ending in the evening. Make your day come alive for the reader so they can share your experience.
[Photo credit: YWP Media Library, illustration by Katherine Moran]
Oct 19

CJP-Social Justice

Write about a social justice issue that you are witnessing in the world right now. Describe it. If there is hope in solving it, share your ideas. If you think it's hopeless, share your thoughts on that, too. Bring your work to share at YWP's Social Justice writing workshop on Thursday, Oct. 24 at Burlington City Arts, 135 Church St., Burlington, 6-8 PM. More info and sign up here!

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Be an Arts Critic - Oct. 30

Join Young Writers Project, the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, and arts critic and State Representative John Killacky to watch and review the award-winning performance of DESCENT by Kinetic Light at The Flynn Center, Main Stage, Wednesday, Oct. 30.