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The Daily Read

Jun 19
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Rain Dance

The heartbeat I hear booms like thunder.
The thunder I hear precedes the brilliant flash of your electric words.
The flash signals to hundreds of bullets of water that it's time to plummet from the eye of the sky, to explode all over me.

You're soaked from head to toe in those raindrops your lightning brought down.
Now I'm alone with these thoughts of blinding lights and frozen teardrops.
And you'll be alone too, y'know.

You'll be as alone as me,
With that thunderous heart,
And your lightning lies,
And the truth they impart.

Since you, pal, you don't know how to quit or stay quiet,
To take a cue and go by it,
To make an oath to die by it.

Instead, you jitterbug and prance and waltz your way through life.
Your lightning lies and thunder heart, just a part of the chorus in your rain dance.
The sky's eyes water with every step and lyric, but you couldn't care if you tried.
Jun 12

Today's Tiny Write

If you want to make something of yourself in this world, you can't break yourself.
You need to know how to build yourself up again after you break.

-- Brigit Carrigan

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Fun, Prizes, Fame!

Jun 25

Summer of Stories 2018 is just one week away!

Each year, YWP engages in some storytelling, poetry and frivolity over the summer to keep your writing chops going. We have lots of prizes, fame, support and companionship! TELL FRIENDS.

We'll have two things for you this summer, SOS18:
  • SUMMER OF STORIES DAILY CHALLENGES. Whoa. These have been thought up by some of your compadres. Some are thorny. Some are wacky. Make all of them fun!
  • AND, drumroll please  A special, in-depth short-story Workshop that'll last as long or as short as you want.
This Summer of Stories Extravaganza kicks off June 25! Don't miss it. Write til you drop! Chocolate to best commenters, most prolific writers, zaniest pieces, and other categories we'll think up as we go along. (Suggestions, recommendations ALWAYS welcome.) Other prizes, too.

Does the SHORT STORY WORKSHOP led by YWP Mentor Eliza Mager appeal? (A six-part online course in short story writing that will lead a piece of writing that will amaze your friends, impress your elders and most certainly set you on the road to stardom!) Well get this: Spaces for Eliza's course are limited! Don't Dawdle. (And don't worry; no grades -- though you could possibly do enough to get credit in high school -- and while challenging, fun, too!) More info and signup here!

And remember, whether you choose the workshop, respond to challenges or follow your own muse, use a hashtag on everything you create: #SOS18

Your pals,

SR, SR (SO confusing, first one is  YWP Director SUSAN REID; second one is Intern Extraordinaire SHANNON RIPP) and AF (Anna Forsythe our Jill of All Trades.)

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Recent Daily Reads

Jun 13
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We must not give up 

Cause the world is not our home bus
and will lap us anytime. it will
not stop moving, no matter who 
you are

We must not give up

Cause we got dreams 
to feed, and they can 
not be fed by anybody else
except us the people who 
are going to accomplish them

We must not give up

Cause we must tell those
who dare to say that we can't
do it, that we can. 
and they must stop 
underestimating our will to fight,
or they are going to get it

We must not give up

Cause we are trapped in this game of life
and the only way out is to beat it.
But just so you know, we can't defeat this 
game with this low negative level of courage
we must keep moving, we must keep running
we must keep playing, we must keep getting up
we must not give up so we can rise as champions.
Jun 08


Editor's Note: As YWP transitions its leadership from GG to Susan Reid we are interested in knowing both what YWP has meant to you and how it can be improved. Please join in the discussion by responding to the  "YWP Is ..." challenge.

 YWP is a place where
(only a couple) 
people know me,
and i'm comfortable with that,
i'd rather hide under a mask than 
have people know when they read,
who i am, 
where i come from 
and all things in between.

Jun 08

YWP Is Shaping My Life

Editor's Note: As YWP transitions its leadership from GG to Susan Reid we are interested in knowing both what YWP has meant to you and how it can be improved. Please join in the discussion by responding to the  "YWP Is ..." challenge.

Jun 09

Thank You

Editor's Note: As YWP transitions its leadership from GG to Susan Reid we are interested in knowing both what YWP has meant to you and how it can be improved. Please join in the discussion by responding to the  "YWP Is ..." challenge.

 I joined YWP at the beginning of my eighth grade year. This was during the same time period my family and I were considering an English tutor for me, because even though I read two books a day, I couldn't form a coherent sentence. We never ended up getting that English tutor. Throughout eighth grade it seemed I was miraculously getting better at writing, not good enough to be in the accelerated classes my freshman year with my friends, but good enough. I wasn't really satisfied with good enough though. I continued writing on YWP and I continued working in school. My sophomore year I was in the accelerated English program with my friends. I wrote on YWP all through sophomore year and started dabbling in photography too. 

New Special Issue!

Jun 04

The Voice - June 2018

A TRIBUTE to MGMC (& all about Voices for Change!)

Jun 05

pride month

June is LGBTQ+ pride month,
after the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots,
June 28th, 1969,
the catalyst of my history,
an event you will never hear about in school
but an important part of our history nonetheless.

It is a month of celebration,
a month of truth and identity,
a month of color and of support,
about being proud of who you are
despite it all.

Yet secretly
no matter how surrounded by celebration I am
I still struggle to feel proud
because nobody has ever been proud
of people like me.
People assume I have no shame
that I keep nothing hidden
that I'm proud to my core
but they don't know who I truly am
because even I struggle
to know who I truly am
and where I truly fit in.

I am surrounded by love
and yet
it is still difficult
to be open,
to be honest,
to be proud.

YWP Newsletter is IN!

Jun 11

YWP Newsletter

A goodbye, of sorts

I love this photograph. It was taken by a friend and inspiring spirit, Cecilia Giordano, better known as Ceal, back when she was going to The Big Picture School at South Burlington High School and was our intern. I like it because she took it and because she was someone who always challenged me and challenged YWP and that made us better. I like it, too, because it betrays my inner spirit, that is I would rather lean to whimsy than seriousness, though I confess that I have taken my work -- whether here at YWP or in a prior life as a journalist -- pretty darn seriously. 

Special Challenge

Nov 28

YWP is...

The Challenge: "YWP is ..." what?  Finish the sentence. Tell us how YWP has affected you; talk about a comment you've gotten or of getting published or of having a civil space to create. Tell us how you felt when you posted your first piece.

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Jun 11


Write the dialogue for a comical misunderstanding that happens between two people. Did someone mess up your order? Did your GPS send you to the wrong place? Did you buy the wrong thing at the grocery store? [Photo Credit: Ryan O'Leary]

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