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Mar 03
rant 1 comment challenge: Unjust

Is this normal?

Here's what I need. Next time you speak to me, call me a baddass before you talk or ask about my ass. I need every person who makes an objectifying  comment, sexual advance, or otherwise problematic innuendo, to imagine they're saying it to their baby sister. To their neighbor. To the kindergarteners we walk past out in the world, to the mothers who fought so hard for equal opportunity in the workplace. I need each and every person to ask themselves before they speak, "Does this sentence use a woman as an object? Am I going to benefit the people around me by saying this, or am I simply insecure?"

Because while I can recover from your comments, jokes, and phrases that are seen as normal in our culture of harassment, I don't know if she can. I don't know if the next girl can. I can't sit back and watch while those around me suffer. This language is not normal. It CANNOT be normal. It's ludicrous that women are subjected to crude comments wherever they go. 

A year ago, I wouldn't recognize harassment if it slapped me from behind. Social media allowed me to believe that "pound" was a sex term, when the actual definition is "to reduce to powder or pulp by beating; to strike heavily or repeatedly" (Merriam Webster). When people misunderstand language, they underestimate the power it has over those who do understand. 

Please, before making a joke that feels normal, that feels ok...I ask that we all take a step back and ask ourselves, "Who might my words hurt? What do the words I'm saying mean? Why is this OK for me to say?" 

Just take a moment. Breathe in, then out. When you mess up, apologize. Ask how you can do better. A fair few of us will explain why your comment hurt. 

Be brave enough to say that you made a mistake.
Feb 27

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Feb 20

Line Break, Episode 31

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Sunflowergirl about her poem, "Forget Me Please," being inspired by the weather, pulling an all-nighter, feeling giddy at funerals, going to big cities, and admiring other YWP writers. Also, I mentioned that Yellow Sweater and I are hosting another Oh Snap! YWP Online Open Mic on February 27th at 1pm EST. You can sign up here to join us, and we'd love to see you there! 
I hope you enjoy!
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Jan 30
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Aug 07


There is music in words. And rhyming poetry helps us appreciate that. Try an end rhyme, rhyming the final syllables of each line in a pattern such as ABBA BCCB, or make up your own rhyme scheme. For inspiration, read Treblemaker’s poem, “Four AM,” and listen to her interview about rhyming poetry with eyesofIris on Line Break Episode 19. [Photo credit: Kevin Haung, YWP Media Library]
Aug 07


Write about an injustice that you or your character witness or experience firsthand. What do you do? What do you learn from this incident? [Photo credit: Mike Erskine, Unsplash]
Feb 27


[Photo credit: Kevin Huang, YWP Media Library]
Sprouting from Frostbite's poem, A Child Forever, imagine a world where no one ever lost their child-like wonder, curiosity, and joy. Describe that world or a day in the life of a character in that world.
Oct 10

General/Free Write

[Illustration: JR Korpa, Unsplash]
Write about anything in any genre. Add photos if you like. Be free and fearless!
Feb 09

New Challenges!

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Brainstorm with us! Help YWP create new, ORIGINAL writing, photo and art challenges! Use only your imagination. No Googling, please!
Mar 01

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