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Jan 12
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The bass on the radio reminds me
Of your voice on Christmas day
A blues-adjacent harmony
The the trumpet you would play
Our two pairs of green eyes
Watching orange coals in the fireplace
A childhood we left behind
Memories we carry to this day.

This music makes me think of you
The sharp, focused melody
In time with deeper blues
Jazz plays in my head as I walk home alone
Follows me no matter what I do.

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Jan 17

Among Other Things

I used to love the way the sun touched
the tips of my fingers every morning
as I got ready to fall asleep again,
but now I hate the blinding light that
wakes me up the first time.

Among other things I hate is the
way raspberry jam collects in rivets of my toast
so when I take a bite of one 
particular section, the jelly runs down my chin
and drops
innocently to the table,
and stays there until I pick it up.
Dec 12


I know my head is full
when it starts dripping onto my tongue,
running down the back of my throat,
painting my teeth like the dentist paints flouride onto my molars.
In both cases,
I can't eat for two hours. 

Have you ever licked your lips
and tasted something milky
and realized everyone was was staring
but too polite to tell you?

(This isn't about you,
by the way.
It's about me.)
Jan 15
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Acceptable- an open letter to the president

Dear Mr. Trump, 

​Well, here we are again! I've come to complain. A white, middle class, teenage girl. Writing to you: An orange, 1%, seventy-year-old man who also happens to be my President. 
​Here we go. 

George Washington owned slaves. He was publicly excused because he helped found the country and was a gentleman. 
Though I, and most others are still mad about the slaves, we still study him in school.
Jan 08
poem 0 comments challenge: MLK
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Act NOW: A Poem Inspired by MLK

How many more times
Will I hear that word
Before I die?

I have already heard that word uttered
Hundreds of times
Throughout my short life,

It does not become easier 
To hear
Or comprehend.

How would you feel
If you were 
Into the position of the oppressed,
Jan 11
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A Silent Road with Many Secrets

The wind whispers
through the bare branches
that creep towards the ember glow of day

The snow glistens
under hues of gold and pink
silently reflecting
an array of gradient color 

The sky casts shadows
upon the serene land below
with the knowledge that
the darkness will fade into beauty
once again

Dec 13


Jan 08

When Tears Were Left Untraced

Day 1 of 7:

They were listening through the cracks in the wall,
I could hear them whispering,
Giggling at the snorts from my nose.

Such a cry baby.
She'll never know we're here.
Completely oblivious to everything.

I wonder if they knew,
I was crying over them.

Day 2 of 7:

I always cry discreetly after Spanish,
It's a given.
They knew that.

SATURDAY - Montpelier!

Jan 19

March for our Future

Vermont youth are invited to Montpelier TODAY -- Jan. 20 -- to march for human rights, dignity, and equality for all. This is one of several marches for youth around the country, one year after President Trump's inauguration.

When? SATURDAY, JAN. 20, 1 p.m.
Where? Montpelier High School 
Who? All young Vermonters (speakers range from 8 to 22!)

Weekly Challenges

Jan 19


What gets you really angry? What makes your blood boil? Write a slam poem about it. Record yourself performing it, and post the audio and the writing. 

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Shannon Ripp]
Jan 19


Make a snowman and take a photo of it. The most creative snowman-builders will receive YWP chocolate and be featured in The Voice!

[YWP Photo (cropped) by mythicalquill]

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YWP Academy 2018

Jan 01

New Workshops!

YWP Community,

We are kicking off the New Year with some new workshops in YWP Academy. Workshops are intended to help you dive deeper, gain some skills and, gulp, have some fun. They are free. Each will be active for at least 6 weeks. You can start anytime; go at your own pace and as your time permits. The more participants we have the merrier so bring in some friends. JOIN up today
(you must log in) to do more with: 
Playwriting -- best plays get performed at Vermont Young Playwrights Festival; 
Storytelling -- make something out of nothing
Hip-Hop -- turn your name into song; 
Photo Story -- tell a story with five photos;  
Sound -- gain chops on narrating your best stuff; 
Commenting -- there is an art to it and, oh, how you can help others!

Sign up is this week. (You can sign up later, if you wish, but it's nice to know who's in at the beginning!) 

WE WILL HAVE ANOTHER VIDEO CONFERENCE to talk about the workshops and early posts, answer questions, etc. WEDNESDAY Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. A link will be posted here several days before.

If you want to do any of these (or have us design one for you) for school credit (high school usually) contact me (gg) and contact your school to see what we need to do to help you gain credit. Imagine YWP becoming your homework!

The workshops are led by YWP staff or outside experts who will provide you with feedback, guidance and, at some point, a video conference for the group and individual consultation. There will be a mentor assigned to each workshop as well. And a live chat. 

Feel like you don't have time? You do. Honest. None takes that long (except playwriting); and stretch it out over time.