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The Endless Road by jacobcbuddy

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  • Poetry

    By YWP

    Ode to Color

    The world is alive, screaming and whispering with color.

    Color is subtle, averting appreciation.

    Color is outright, a shout against the night.

     Color is everywhere, within us, beside us,



  • Writing



    “Never forget this moment, my child …” Use this sentence at the beginning or end of a poem or story.

  • Writing



    How do you imagine yourself at age 30? Can you imagine it? What has changed? And what has stayed the same?

  • Visual Art



    Choose your favorite song and bring it to life in a photo or painting. 


  • Writing


    Fall: Writing

    In the genre of your choice, write about fall, conveying the meaning of the season from your own unique and creative perspective. Respond to the challenge in whatever way you choose – for prizes and publication.

  • Visual Art


    Fall: Visual Art

    In any artistic medium, share your interpretation of fall – anything from the splendor of the New England hillsides to the lumbering yellow school bus. There are prizes! 

  • Visual Art

    Wolf Kahn

    Master landscape painter Wolf Kahn and his brilliant oil and pastel paintings, such as "Ochre Barn Ochre Bush" above, were the inspiration for our Great Artists Challenge.

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