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Photo (cropped) by Isabella Dunn, Essex (VT) High School.  (Each day we feature a new photo. Have you submitted your best photos yet?)


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Oct 16
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Once, a little while ago, I felt different.

I couldn't look at myself without seeing her.

My mother.

A person I never want to be.

But as the days went by, I started to grow.

I started to grow into a woman.

I know I need more time to develop.

My wings are beginning to grow.

Going from being dark and featherless.

But now I am a beautiful white color.
Oct 16
fisherz's picture


I have nothing on my mind 
I am a blank slate
I'm in a cave
A cave that has no light
No light for me to see the thoughts on the wall
The cave is my mind
And it is dark
And plain
Oct 15
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Air, clean and pure
fills my lungs

Two steps
One breath

Lean forward
up the hill

Two steps
One breath

Pump your arms

Two steps
One breath

Pass one, two, three competitors
all straining for the peak

Two steps
One breath

Reach the top
don't slow down

Two steps
One breath

Lean into the
downhill sprint
Oct 15


Express Yourself

Photo by Wren House, Essex High School
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Sep 29

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Weekly Challenge

Oct 20


If you had to give up seeing one color, which color would it be and why?

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Today's Challenge

Oct 16


Rant about the worst haircut you’ve ever gotten. What did you do about it?

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Oct 13

College Essay Workshop -- Online Version

For those who couldn't make the YWP-VSAC College Essay workshop Oct. 14 (it was pretty awesome -- thanks to the seniors who attended), you can go to our online version. From now until Oct. 31, access resources, help & feedback.