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  • I Am Young

    I am young, 

    But if I where a dog I would be in my late 70s

    And I have lived for 4x longer than most hamsters

    And 170 lifetimes of a fly.

    Each day I live is all a mayfly lives in their entire life.

  • My First Loves

    My first car has absorbed the beauty of your soul

    The wholeness of your heart

    Your voice rushes through the air vents and echoes through the quiet space

    It blows the flyaways of my hair



  • Visual Art



    Stretch your skills with a pattern study. Find one or more flat, patterned surfaces around the house and spend some dedicated time studying the patterns and try to replicate them in realistic detail.

  • Writing



    End a story or poem with your speaker coming to terms with the necessity of finally letting someone or something go. Why were they holding on so tightly, for so long?

  • Writing



    All you have to do is answer this one question: Why?


  • Visual Art

    Amy Sherald

    Of all the opinions about the official portrait of Michelle Obama, the one that mattered most to artist Amy Sherald was the former first lady's. And she said she loved it.  

  • Writing


    What do you think about Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, and whatever else is coming at us? Are we ready for this? 

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