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Special Challenges

Feb 24


NEIGHBORHOOD: Tell stories about where you live -- your house, your neighborhood, your road, your community. Any story is good. Write fast. Use digital media. Use sensory description.

Theme/story suggestions: What does your home look like? What is around it?  What do people do? What are the problems in terms of cost, accessibility, inclusiveness? What's the big issue in your area? Tell us if you live in a rural or urban setting.

7.84 minutes

Feb 22

This challenge will bend your mind. Visit: http://networkeffect.io/ -- a remarkable way to experience the Internet. You will only be able to spend 7.84 minutes (U.S. users) watching it, exploring it. NOTICE what you are feeling & thinking. Take some screen shots.

When it is over, write what you are thinking. Add images or sound. Include the hashtag #netnarr

YWP chocolate to the author that receives the most loves/comments.

Feb 13


This challenge is for you to continue two stories from Vermont Writes Day. Below are the links, just click the SPROUT button below the one you like. (DO NOT click WRITE.)We're calling this collaborative storytelling, or network narrative. If you find a sprout (or several) already created, read those and choose whether you want to continue one of those stories by clicking the SPROUT button below them.


Jan 25


Inspiration: What woman or women do you admire and why? Tell the story and how this person (or group of people) has affected you.


Feb 25
sammyisliterate's picture

I trudge through the forest, unsettled, dolorous,
and I hear a hardworking sound.
We travel the forest, we self-serving florists,
and we feel a shake in the ground.

It comes from on high, harmonious, divine,
and I cast my eyes heavenward.
We look to the floor (some more look nearby),
we hear, we see, we confer.

I know not the reason, but in this fell season,
I can’t help but feel now at peace.
We ponder the reason a human our tree’s in
so bold, so filled with caprice.

I climb the old oak, a pleasure bespoke,
and I notice the bees fill the sky.
We are defensive folk and as subtle as smoke,
we hear, we see, we decide.



Feb 21
in fiction 2 Comments challenge: Sprout1

(continued from the original)...I am in the middle of a crowded, colorful, and cacophonous market. I stand in front of a stall selling scarves of rich colors and dazzling designs. There were jam reds with ebony embroidery or spruce blues with copper trim. A rainbow of scarves and shawls. The trader was calling out to passerby and perspective buyers. Many stopped to look and stare, their breath caught by the beauty of them. Some stopped to buy or barter with the boy next to the trader, who appeared to be his son. A young girl stepped forward from the crowd, a glimmer of color herself. Her skirt was lilac purple with golden flowers embroidered on the hem. Her shirt was the same lilac and gold, a drapery of cloth, hiding her figure. None the less she moved as if on air, walking with importance and purpose.


Feb 21

A little girl walked with her mother on the street to her new school at the other side of the main road, her pink bag containing her school supplies bouncing alongside. Her mother's jet black hair flowed  in the wind as she focused on walking quickly to arrive on time.
They pass many illuminated glass windows, a bookstore, busy restaurants, shops. They pass a fitness equipment store with women in revealing clothing and showing off their defined abs. A clothing shop displaying mannequins with Disney princess waistlines. Pictures of young couples swooning over each other while they wear the shop's clothes on their thin and toned bodies.
The little girl looks at all the photos, of all the people who look nothing like her, her mother, her sister, or anyone else she knows. 

Networked Narratives

Feb 23
in essay 1 Comment challenge: 7.84 minutes

Internet Stethoscope

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a response to our intriguing challenge, 7.84 minutesTry it out. A very different kind of experience. This author is, er, an older young writer and a friend of GG's: Alan Levine, who is an internationally known innovator and artist in the digital realm. 

I feel self conscious when my doctor listens to my heart through his stethoscope. Is my thinking about it affecting what he hears? Is my worrying changing my heart beat? And what the heck is he hearing, is it really just that soft thump-thump ?

Want to write a PLAY?

Feb 15

Young Writers Project, in partnership with Vermont Young Playwrights and award-winning Middlebury College playwright Dana Yeaton and his advanced playwrighting class, is excited to present theYWP/MiddleburyPlaywrights Workshop an online experience that could result in your play being presented on stage!

NOTE: This online course on youngwritersproject.org begins in early March. DO NOT DELAY; if you are interested, email, GG (geoff gevalt) ASAP!

So many opportunities

Feb 11

YWP Winter Conference 3.11.17 -- Sign up NOW!

Sign up for Young Writers Project's Winter Writing Conference! This is a fun, full day of madcap writing in the morning and intensive workshops in the afternoon. If you are in Grades 7-12, don't miss this day!

Vacation Chocolate!

Feb 24

This community of more than 3,200+ digital writers depends on each other to provide support. Imagine if each of you exchanged feedback with another. Wouldn't that be a kick? Well we have a special incentive as February ends and March begins: 

​Beginning Feb. 24 and running through the first day of spring, the FIVE people with the most (substantive) comments will get a YWP chocolate bar AND YWP's newest flavor, salted caramel.  Here's how to bring shine on your fellow writers:
  • READ and COMMENT on someone else's post. Tell the author what you noticed, what moved you and what you wondered about. Be specific. Offer a suggestion if you can. Don't talk about spelling, grammar or punctuation. NOTE: They will get an email saying you posted a comment.
    • Go to RECENT-TABLE (under READ menu) to find a post with ZERO comments to spread your wealth. (First, LOG IN, go to READ link in upper right, hover, hover over recent, click Recent-Table and pick the items with zero comments.)
  • RECIPROCATE by replying to any comment you received. Go one step further by commenting on a piece they wrote!
  • SPROUT: If the post really moved you, made you think of something, click the SPROUT link below the post and what you create will be forever linked!
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