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Dec 10
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Not Forever

When I was younger,
I did not understand
why I was not allowed outside after dark
or why I couldn't play with knives.

When I was younger,
I could not fathom
why my parents never watched the news around me
Or why I was told to say
no, I don't feel comfortable when you do that.

When I was younger,
I got angry when
I couldn't walk home with my friends.
or go see the new PG13 movie in town.

The Voice

Dec 05

Nov/Dec 2017 Issue

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Dec 08
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Real Americans

Calling All the Real Americans

Calling all the real Americans,
I’ve voiced it before I know what it means.
I remember the term, but not pleasantly,
I suck in breathe, knowledge seeping in,
I know where I’ve heard it before,
In a sleepy small town,
Where they used it against me.

Calling all the real Americans.
I used to think about that phrase,
And relish such a bitter irony.
Wonder why on Earth,
Dec 07
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The Quiet

A decoration, a debutante
A perfect piece of arm candy
All the things I'm supposed to want
But that I'll never be.

So many years of dress codes
Of being too fat or too skinny
Too muscular, too out-of-shape
Too prudish or too slutty

Cover your shoulders
Cover your legs
Cover eyes
Cover your mouth
Don't speak or he will hurt you
Don't move or she will lash out.

Bad things don't happen to pretty girls

Nov 28


i would love to have one peaceful walk without them

make sure you lock the door
so i check before i step out
imagine what would happen if you didn’t lock the door
so i check once i’ve closed the door
one two three, i check the handle

it’s a beautiful crisp morning
there are clouds in the sky and a drop of rain lands on my forehead
do you have your laptop?
Dec 06
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I Think the Sun Has Left the World

I think the sun has left the world,
Leaving my heart empty and cold—
I cannot seem to find a light,
So cold am I; so dreaful a plight!

I could not see, I could not cry,
As dreadful darkness conquered sky—
And a gust of wind extinguished the sun,
Not even smoke to remind what was gone—

So candles shine as candles do, yet
Of candles, there's very few which
Cease to shine and leave a hole
So empty as I feel inside.

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Dec 05
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A Fairy

"Yes I did see a fairy and it was bright."
"Did it shine like the moon?"
"Well it did shine. I guess."
" What did it wear?"
"Stop saying "It" you, it is a fairy! The fairy was wearing silk and satin."
"One day I'd like to wear silk and satin."
"Oh my stars.

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Dec 04
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Finding yourself in a corner of your heart

I wore a scarf to school today.

A headscarf, to be specific.

A headscarf in my mostly 
white dominated, Christian,
middle class, school.

And there's nothing wrong 
with being any of those things.

I, myself am many of those things.



Middle class.

I've always had food 
to fill my belly and warmth in 
the coldest winter nights.
Dec 03
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A Leaf's Voice

It’s a cold day in a cold year. The people walking past me cast me cold looks, giving my empty, cold hands disdainful glances. And for some reason, I’m glad they pass me by. To me, one of the most difficult emotions to fulfill is gratitude. To have a debt to repay, someone to thank, makes me want to curl up within myself. It seems too emotionally withering for me to look someone in the eye, see their successful, happy lives reflected back at me.

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Oct 05


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Dec 07

State of Union

How do you feel about the way things are going in America right now? What ticks you off? What encourages you?
Vermont High School Students, you have a special incentive: Sen. Bernie Sanders invites you to write a 250-500 word essay focusing on what you believe are the major challenges facing the nation and how to solve them. Go to to submit your essay. The deadline is Jan. 10, 2018.

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Dec 15


Look out your window. Describe what you see. Now include a person or an animal wandering through the scene. How does the landscape shift? What do you see and sense?

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Dec 15


Write a rant about the weirdest fad of 2017. 

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Dec 15


Go without your phone for 24 hours. Reflect on your experience.

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