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Jadyn Mardy, YWP Alumni Advisor

YWP Alumni Update

Ever wonder if writing could lead to a career? YWP Alumni Advisor Jadyn Mardy thinks so! Check in with Jadyn in this YWP Alumni Update.


  • Writing



    Write a poem or short story that includes these five words somewhere within it: watermelon, shoreline, toadstool, fireworks, laughter.

  • Visual Art


    En plein air

    Step outside with your paints or sketchpad and discover the joy of "en plein air." For inspiration, explore Vermont artist Julie A. Davis, one of YWP's featured Great Artists. 

  • Writing


    Literary you

    Write a “literary history”of yourself. Write – in fragments, if you’d like – about your favorite books and how they changed you and what they taught you.


  • Writing

    Big Oil

    Vermont has become the nation’s first state to require fossil fuel companies and other big emitters to pay for climate-related damage. How do you perceive the fight to protect the planet from climate change? Do you see hints of hope? 

  • Writing

    World Happiness

    The 2024 World Happiness report lists Finland as the world's happiest country, with the U.S. dropping out of the top 20, and young people in North America showing a decline in happiness. Read the report. What is your experience?

  • Writing

    Alice Munro

    Alice Munro (1931-2024) is a beloved Canadian short story writer and Nobel Prize laureate. Read an Alice Munro story, and you'll understand why she is considered "our Chekhov."

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