"Polar bear," watercolor pencil painting by cedar. Submit your photos and art (tag 'visual') for publication here, in newspapers, The Voice, and the annual anthology.

Nov 20
poem 1 comment challenge: Minute
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A Minute in the Mind

This lesson is stupid

When will class be over

How can this go on any longer

That's interesting

I didn’t know the world worked like that

Could everything I learn be this interesting

If I really try

To understand


This must be a one time thing

Nothing in school is this interesting

But maybe if I really pay attention

To what is suggested

I could learn interesting things
Nov 12

Winter Tales 2019!

Congratulations to the YWP writers who were selected by Vermont Stage for this year's Winter Tales! Vermont Stage will present the writers' work at seven different performances at Main Street Landing's Black Box Theatre, Burlington, from Dec. 11-15. Read on to see the winning submissions and the dates of their performances. All writers will receive two complimentary tickets to Winter Tales. Interested in Winter Tales? Find out more here and buy tickets!

Winter Tales 2019
Presented by Vermont Stage, Main Street Landing, Burlington, VT
Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019 at 7:30pm
By Chase Ehrlich
Age 13
Montpelier, VT

Aug 19


Aug 22

Community Leaders 2019-20

Photo by LIa Chien, YWP Community Leader

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Dec 07
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Jul 22


Enter the mind of a character in an interesting, difficult, funny, or odd situation and describe what they are thinking over the course of one minute. Match your story to "real time," so that it only takes about one minute to read.
[Photo credit: YWP Media Library, photo by Ella Staats]
Jul 23


Write a story that takes place over the course of just one day, where something very important happens.
[Unsplash, photo by Gabriel Santiago]
Oct 15


[Photo by Frank Albrecht on Unsplash]
Is health care a human right, as many argue, or is it more of an individual responsibility that each person should figure out on their own?

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Oct 07

Anthology 10 makes a great holiday gift!

Anthology 10 for holiday gifts! Send us your order and we'll ship them to you! $10/copy, plus $5 shipping and handling (for any number of books). And we're still buzzing at YWP about the amazing book launch on Oct. 6! What an inspiring day! Congratulations to all the writers, artists, and photographers who are published in this beautiful book! See Lia Chien's photos here. And you can also download Anthology 10 here.
Jan 09

Post Your Art & Photos!

YWP is looking for your visual art -- photographs and scanned art -- to be featured in our monthly magazine, The Voice, on the front page of the site, the newspaper series, and the Anthology! Respond to this challenge and post your best photos and art!