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Sep 29

My Vermont

#SOS17 Challenges

Aug 17


You open your backdoor not to find your backyard, but your favorite fantasy world. Maybe you’re in Narnia. Maybe you’re in Middle Earth. Write about what happens.

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Aug 18

Historical Fiction

Pick an era. The 1920s? The 1960s? The 1850s? Write about a character dealing with life. Include a dog, a letter, and someone running in your story.

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Aug 14

Crime Fiction

Your character looks out the window of their bedroom to see a man digging a hole in the woods of their backyard. There’s a black bag next to his feet. What happens next?

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Aug 15


Your character is in a cabin by the lake with their family. They get put into a room with their brother in the attic. On the far side, there’s an old dusty mirror. When your character looks into the mirror, it’s not their reflection that they see looking back at them…

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Aug 16

Literary Nonsense

A great example of Literary Nonsense is the poem “The Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll (or really anything by Lewis Carroll). You use an odd object or idea to explain a large concept or philosophical question. In short, you make sense out of nonsense. Write your own literary nonsense poem. Maybe a teacup holds the secrets of life. Maybe what an apple and an orange have in common is their ability to explain why humans act the way they do.

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Daily Reads

Aug 16

To N & A

I write this poem
With my tears.
Because today
The summer ends,
As I have said goodbye
To two
Of the most
Spectacular people
I have ever met.
But these tears
Are not cold
Nor bitter.
They are happy ones,
For I only remember
The good moments:

He made the rain merciful,
Playing his
Blue box of pleasant noise,
To pass the time.
I'll never forget
Running hand in hand
Through a downpour
That almost drowned us,
Just for a little fun.
I will miss
Playing chess
In a thunderstorm,
Where we
Cried out louder
Then the thunder claps
In the heat of our battle.
You made me feel
For the first time,
In a long time,
That I could
Let go
And have fun,
Without trying
To impress other.
I hope that one day
We can be blinded by the rain

She made the woods feel little.
I found a love
For the small things
When you took me
Into the woods
And looked at rocks
By a tiny stream.
When we sat
On a green door,
At night in the woods,
You made me
Come to terms
That I'm in fact
A pretty big loser.
But you did not
Make me feel
Ashamed of this
Like so many others do.
You made me feel
Proud of it,
Like it was
A medal
Of the highest honor.
I found a new
Aug 16

A Shakespearean Dance

Come and play
The dancing notes
Singing with the melody.
Hum and sway
'Till thoughts provoked
Begin to block out felony.
Words like bubbles
Flying high
Far above Shakespearean worlds.
Watch the couples
Dance, and eye
The lady's lovely skirts that twirl.
Come and play
Your singing lute
Come and give your brightest song.
Let me taste the sweet, sweet fruit
Of the music
That can do no wrong.
Aug 25

SoundCheck! Aug. 25

Jul 06

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YWP News

Aug 17
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Author Talk: Highlights

Yesterday, August 16th, the YWP Book club and a few site users sat around a laptop to talk to published author Dan Gemeinhart. He's published YA novels like Some Kind of Courage — the book the book club read — and The Honest Truth. Dan had a lot to say about writing, and we wanted to share with you a few highlights. 
Oct 14

FREE College Essay & Prep Workshop


Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

YWP Headquarters, 47 Maple Street, Suite 106, Burlington, VT

Presented by Young Writers Project and VSAC (Vermont Student Assistance Corp.)

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Your Voice Can Have Impact

Aug 09

So I make this request with considerable humility. I know it's summer. I know for me to ask you to review a 27-page document is, well, worse than spending a week at the beach in a hurricane. But... I am an optimist.

The State of Vermont has issued a draft of its Digital Learning Plan for the next five years. If you go to the last page of the document that's attached you will see that there were NO YOUTHS involved in the creation of this document which will have a great impact on what happens TO youths in schools. (At least all of you in Vermont.) 
Jul 21
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