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Dec 10

gray eyes

I see your eyes in the rainy days
the cloudy skies
the soft down of the pond ducklings
and in the dirty sidewalk snow

they're everywhere
in the waves that crash across the road and in the wind that carries them to the pavement
I see them in the pavement
they hide in the cold metal rings on my fingers
the cold metal of my old refrigerator 

they saw right through me
seeping ice through my clothes and into my skin
no amount of steaming hot showers will warm me up

they settle in the clouds of bug spray
in the silver wrappers of Hershey kisses
they follow me as if in a painting
in my own pale face after the tan of summer dissipates
behind closed blinds (when sunshine tries to peek through)
Aug 19


Aug 22

Community Leaders 2019-20

Photo by LIa Chien, YWP Community Leader
Oct 07

Anthology 10 makes a great holiday gift!

Anthology 10 for holiday gifts! Send us your order and we'll ship them to you! $10/copy, plus $5 shipping and handling (for any number of books). And we're still buzzing at YWP about the amazing book launch on Oct. 6! What an inspiring day! Congratulations to all the writers, artists, and photographers who are published in this beautiful book! See Lia Chien's photos here. And you can also download Anthology 10 here.
Nov 12

YWP writer publishes book of poetry

Congratulations to YWP writer and photographer Anna Wahlin on the publication of her book of poetry, Touching the Dusty Sky, now available on Amazon. Check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0818B9GQV/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Touching+the+du...

Anna wrote to YWP to say: "After maybe 3 or 4 months I have finally published my poetry book! It is currently on Amazon as an ebook .... I put a shout-out to YWP because I would have never become a writer without you guys, so thank you so much! This means so much to me."

Thanks for all your support!

Dec 07
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YWP News

Nov 12

Winter Tales!

WINTER TALES STARTS TONIGHT, Wednesday, Dec. 11! Congratulations to the YWP writers who were selected by Vermont Stage for this year's Winter Tales! Vermont Stage will present the writers' work at seven different performances at Main Street Landing's Black Box Theatre, Burlington, from Dec. 11-15. Read on to see the winning submissions and the dates of their performances. All writers will receive two complimentary tickets to Winter Tales. Interested in Winter Tales? Find out more here and buy tickets!

Winter Tales 2019
Presented by Vermont Stage, Main Street Landing, Burlington, VT
Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019 at 7:30pm
By Chase Ehrlich
Age 13
Montpelier, VT

Dec 09

Playwriting at YWP!

Join Young Writers Project Founder Geoffrey Gevalt for an online playwriting course — with a live kickoff on Thursday, Jan. 9, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM, on the rooftop of 47 Maple Street, Burlington, home of YWP. Completed plays will be considered for potential presentation at the Vermont Young Playwrights Festival in May in Burlington. ALL YWP writers are eligible regardless of where you live. (The festival will be streamed.)
Dec 11

Greta! Person of the Year

Greta Thunberg, 16, the Swedish environmental activist who has inspired people around the world to fight climate change and demand action, is Time magazine's Person of the Year, the youngest ever to receive the honor. Read the story in the Washington Post.


Dec 11


[Photo credit: ​Andy Feliciotti, Unsplash]
For only the fourth time in U.S. history, a president is facing impeachment. The charges are that President Trump abused his office in an attempt to get Ukraine to launch investigations into Trump's political opponent, Joe Biden, and his son Hunter Biden, and that he obstructed Congress's investigation into the matter. Should the president be impeached? What do you hope for the outcome?
Jul 22


Writing about music is an art in itself, often challenging writers to translate sounds into colorful turns of phrase and rich metaphors. Music critic Tim Rutherford-Johnson, for instance, once compared a rugged piece of music to "granite in November rain." Find a piece of music that appeals to you, and try to describe it to someone who has never heard it.
[Photo credit: YWP Media Library, photo by David Wrenner]
Jul 23


Reverence is defined as "deep respect for someone or something." Write about something that you regard with reverence.
[Unsplash, photo by Tiago Felipe Ferreria]
Sep 11

CJP-Where I Live

[Photo credit: Kevin Huang, YWP Photo Archive]
Take a moment to think about where you live. What makes it unique, special, feel like home? Maybe it could be better, but for this challenge, focus on what's good about it -- and write, draw, paint, or take photos!

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