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Tiny Writes Gems

Mar 19

Words from tiny desks ...

To those who don't know, 'Tiny Writes' (see menu link as well) is a place to post quick, little sparks from your brain -- six-word stories, things you noticed, an idea, a haiku, ha-ha's... check it out.  A couple of gems:

Top of the mountain
Icy fire fills my lungs
I breathe out and soar
-- Icestorm

The Daily Read and Listen

Mar 18
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The Youth Are Mobilizing

This commentary was aired on Vermont Public Radio.

Historically young people haven’t had the best reputation: Teens have often been characterized as too busy texting and tweeting to be aware of or to engage in current events.

However, despite this stereotype, youth have been organizing, most recently around gun reform.

Listen Again

Mar 07

Valentine's Day, 2018

Firegirl recorded her piece which is attached here and was aired on Vermont Public Radio on March 14. 

When you told your mom you loved her
before you caught the bus this morning
you meant it in the way a teenager means it
when they kiss their mother on the cheek,
cereal on their breath,
backpack on their shoulder,
head in a million places.
You meant it in the way that assumes
you will see her that evening after track practice;
in the way that assumes
you will seal the day with another I love you
before you turn out the light. 

When you told your mom you loved her
at 2:21pm on February 14th, 2018, 
with saliva choking in your throat,
you meant it in the way you could never mean anything else in your life.
You meant it as an apology
and a cry for help
and a plea for her to hold you like she did when you were little
and the monsters in your dreams were stuck in your head. 
Mom, the monsters are real this time,
I swear it.
They're real and they're just around the corner.
They're real and their teeth are bullets that bite the backs
of friends who did not have time to tell their mothers they loved them.
They're real and I'm so
so scared.

Recent Daily Reads

Mar 06
poem 1 comment challenge: General
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We will fight

They think of our skin as  the bad image
They judge us from the start but will never see see the finish 
We in the race that can’t be finished 
We in the place where only gods the witness
We never did anything wrong but we the ones begging for forgiveness 
We just ask for y’all to stop killing us 
When will I be able to walk down the street without  a cop pulling up 
I’m walking with my head down 
Might never lift it up
We will fight forever 
Mar 15


when i walk into the library
my body is tense, my fingers sore from scrambling over my keyboard
i find a table, much too central for my liking
and settle in
already feeling irritation take its seat beside me
reminding me of deadlines and long essays waiting to be written

i do not notice the elderly woman 
bending over the shelf of children's books behind my chair 
her hair is stringy and white
knotted in two buns on each side of her head
Mar 15

patchwork reparations

i hate the crackle of the intercom
and the way a painfully familiar hush
washes over a room full of people.
rooms havent failed to go silent since the incident.
our breaths all hitch
in some horrifying unison
as we remember
and shake.

the day after
i nearly cried when announcements came over speakers,
a familiar voice trying to reassure
as i struggled to suppress.
it was a class meeting
to discuss the situation.

Recent Daily Reads

Mar 14


17 minutes
17 casualties

Peter Wang
Carmen Schentrup
Alex Schachter
Helena Ramsay
Meadow Pollack
Alaina Petty
Joaquin Oliver
Gina Montalto
Cara Loughran
Luke Hoyer
Christopher Hixon
Jaime Guttenberg
Aaron Feis
Feb 26

I Just Want to Hear the Wind

I want to know what it's like,
To only hear the wind blow.
I don't want my ears to struggle to hear it,
Over the sounds of bullets and screams.
I don't want to strain myself,
Over the sounds of whimpers and cries.

I just want to know what it's like,
To lie on the grass,
Without fearing of what's behind me,
And close my eyes without wondering,
What's next.
I just want to breath and be breathed upon,
Mar 13

Girls Who Walk Alone At Night

Church street is lit up tonight,
it's only a few blocks to where dad said he parked the car...

I tell myself.
I wave goodbye to my friends still eating ice cream inside;
the sugar haze of happiness has begun to wear off. 

Is that the rustle of my backpack on my shoulders, or is someone behind me?
It's just my backpack. 
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Everyone knows girls shouldn't walk alone at night. 
Mar 11

By Poetry

I. Moved:

I am moved by poetry
Sometimes slammed against the walls
Tossed up and down, side to side, to and fro
The adrenaline
The spine-tingling
Flow of poetry
I feel the words coming together
Unified, but divided
Unified so every word connects
Divided so every word has its own meaning
So every word has its own story.

II. Broken:
Audio download:
By Poetry.m4a
Mar 09
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nice little song

this is something i made more than a month ago at this point and it just kind of slipped my mind to post it. i think it sounds pretty nice, it's one of the only things i planned out before i hit the actual software, which is probably why it's almost entirely piano. i'm still touching it up and might post a revised version at some point, but here you go: 

Speakers needed

Mar 15
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March For Our Lives: Montpelier

Hello everyone! March For Our Lives Montpelier is looking for a few youth from the Young Writers Project who would be interested in performing their poetry or anything else relating to gun violence!
Please email [email protected] if you're interested!  

Speak Out!

Mar 12

NEEDED: Writers to Change the World!

Recently, a few of my friends from school and I have begun a program that we are calling Writers for Change. The idea is to collect poems, essays, short stories, etc. about the changes we would like to see in our country. We plan to send all pieces we receive to the U.S. Congress, along with an attached letter explaining what they are, and what our group's purpose is.

Respond to Parkland

Emma Gonzalez, student, Marjorie Stoneham Douglas High School
This community encourages you to write, speak out and take action in response to the Parkland, Fla., school shooting. 
 What can you do?  A letter for the victims.  Do you feel safe?  Do you feel heard?  What did you do on March 14?

Join us WEDNESDAY MARCH 14 for YWP Workshop at 6 p.m. and Open Mic at 7 p.m., Burlington City Arts 

Join. Write. Become a
Voice for Change. 


Feb 15

Power of Commenting

Here's a piece we liked on Vermont Writes Day, and the encouraging comment one writer gave:

Seen, Not Heard.

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 10:52

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Weekly Challenges

Mar 23

Sound 4 - Surprise

You walk downstairs to make breakfast only to discover the animal in this recording standing in the middle of your kitchen. Write about the chaos that ensues...

[YWP Photo Library; Photo by Grace Safford; Sound Credit]
Mar 23


End a story with the line “they had nothing to say to each other…”

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