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The Daily Read

Apr 25


there was a girl
who always wished
for wings,

she was earth bound
and maybe that wasn't
where she wanted 
to be because

on earth she 
was silent,
but maybe up 
in the atmosphere 
she could scream.

But wishes upon stars
do not come true 
so she remained
tethered to the ground,

now there is a 
not quite teenager 
who made her own wings 
out of paper and ink.
Apr 23

The Voice - April 2018

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Apr 24
earleyg's picture

Dawn and Dusk

The Dawn chases the Dusk away
The morning chases the Dawn
The Dusk chases the evening a while
Before Twi and Day are gone
With morning brings dewdrops and fog
With evening, color-scattered skies
With Dawn rises the First Light for All
And Dusk reveals the Hidden Lives
This brother and sister chase themselves silly
Unfazed by the passage of time
Stopping only long enough
To let Morning and Evening shine
Apr 23

The Artist's Obsession

The artist sits in front of a blank canvass
He stares and stares
for hours, days, months, years.
Waiting for the perfect image to form in his mind.
The convoluted gears in his brain spin until they are jammed beyond repair.
The greasy machine wants to be creative
but he ran out of new batteries,
and is forced to reuse old ones that constantly burn out
forcing him to dig around in the trash for more.
“What should this new painting express?
Apr 23

The Lost and Found

Find me in the earth,
Find me in the sea,
Find me in these broken chains that slowly ruin me.

And when you do the lost will be replaced.
A new beginning
And drowning thoughts to face.

Found in silent speech
Where only song remains,
A note, a beat, a treasure lost to time.

A harmony I’ll never hear again.
A melody that you could never find.

And tap, tap, tapping hands,
And dance, dance, dancing feet,
Apr 23
poem 2 comments challenge: Contrast
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"A choice," the wind whispers, echoing by
"A hope that will leave you; despair that won't die

"Reach for the stars, tread lightly on air
or sink into the ocean, find peace in despair

"The sky has brought freedom to many a thrall,
yet more have been abandoned, forgotten, let fall

"The sea, she will harvest your breath and your life
but her smothering arms are a blanket from strife
Apr 16
Maisie N's picture


Every feather that now lies on the ground
Fell from your angel skin
And I miss having you around
But your heart is now cold and hardened
Wrapped amid a snowy shroud
I stretched you far too thin
I wonder where you are now
As the pieces of you drift listlessly on the wind.

You told me that it hurt very much
The day that you fell from heaven
Banished by the ones you loved
I didn't dare ask what you did

May 11


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Apr 25

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May 04


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May 04


Take pictures of things that are the color yellow. Make a slideshow. Write an accompanying poem or commentary on the photos.

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