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Aug 19


Invention. Create something outrageously wacky that makes life so much more fun! Let your imagination run wild!

Mar 21


Disappointed: They always say looking forward to something is the best part -- write about a time where your expectations weren’t quite met.
Feb 13


This challenge is for you to continue two stories from Vermont Writes Day. Below are the links, just click the SPROUT button below the one you like. (DO NOT click WRITE.)We're calling this collaborative storytelling, or network narrative. If you find a sprout (or several) already created, read those and choose whether you want to continue one of those stories by clicking the SPROUT button below them.


Aug 19

Attic. In the attic of your grandmother's house, you find a box labeled with your name. What’s inside? Do you tell anyone else about it or keep it a secret? Is it surprising, shocking, heart-warming, disturbing? Does it change your opinion about your grandmother or someone else in the family?
Feb 10


Share your best writing of any category (including images, sound, digital stories).


A Netnarr sound story

Mar 17
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Trapped in My Head

This was made from a collection of noises at work- an alarm beeping and phone ringing, professors speaking( mostly Levine can be heard at the end). I also found some heartbeat and breathing files to place inside.

The back story would be this is a girl who is a former soldier coming into a campus environment for the first time after being in war.

Enjoy :)

Oops almost forgot some gun fire audio as well.

Daily Read

Mar 22

H for Human

It's all very strange, this world we live in. We try to do good, without really knowing what 'good' is. We try to love, without really knowing how. Most important of all, we try to live, without really knowing how to do so. We do all this the best we can and hope it works out in the end. Some will tell you, it's all for not. Others will say to have hope and how it will be all right in the end. Others still will say to let what happens happen and see how it turns out, after all we're all just along for the ride.
Mar 14
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Sonnet for Someone I Have Yet to Meet

Throughout my life, there’s been a gaping hole,
something missing, although I can’t explain.
There’s been an emptiness inside my soul,
a someone I’ve been searching for in vain.
Throughout the years I’ve clung onto the hope
that one day you’ll pass by me in the street.
I’ll stow this letter in an envelope
and keep it close until the day we meet.
I know not who you are, or what we’ll be:
best friends, lovers, maybe partners in crime.
I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see
all of these answers we’ll find out in time.
I’m done now, no more sighing to the moon.
Farewell, my friend, I hope to see you soon.

All the Best of YWP

Feb 21
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In this issue of The Voice

Each month, with community help, YWP assembles the very best writing, images, audio and video for display in The Voice, our monthly digital magazine. This magazine celebrates the very best that this community produces. This month casts light on the amazing energy and entertaining content from Vermont Writes Day and the events surrounding it.

The Bus Landed!

Mar 13

Great #NetNarr Chat! Thanks for tuning in

Playwriting Workshop In Final Week!

Feb 15

Community members are hard at work with Middlebury College advanced playwriting students who are helping them create 10 minute plays. Thursday is the deadline for completed drafts for consideration for Vermont Young Playwrights Festival.

Donation = Love

Feb 01
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