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  • Tarnished Silver

    Intricately designed silverware sat at a long table

    Carefully placed next to ornate porcelain china 

    Silver goblets so shiny you could use them as a silvery mirror

  • Red Clover

    I dream of him less than I used to - 

    But our story always starts the same.

    I am small, and his oil stained hands hold me like the Red Clover;

    So tightly that I think he’ll never let me go.

  • The First Light

    In the First Light, I am stepping out into rays of golden sunlight, and I am floating through air that is buoyant with the songbird's melodies



  • Visual Art



    Draw or paint your hand as realistically as possible, paying special attention to your knuckles and joints, palm lines and veins, fingernails and cuticles: everything.

  • Writing



    Set a short story in a dog park on a sunny spring day. Use a dog or a more unexpected animal as a central plot point, or for the meeting of two characters.

  • Writing



    You come upon a wishing well. What kind of magic happens at the bottom of a wishing well?


  • Writing


    Spring: Writing Contest

    Share your best creations! What have you been working on lately? What inspires you? You choose the theme and the genre!

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