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May 26


Photo3-Lights. Write a piece inspired by this photo (by Alagich Katya, Creative Commons license).
May 25


Quirky, silly & demanding, also life-savers, best friends, loyal companions. Pets can play a huge role in your life. Tell a story about a pet you know.

YWP Academy

Sound Story + 2

Join Sound Story, one of three NEW workshops just started up on YWP Academy. Sound story will help you create narrations of your posts. 

Two of these new workshops are short and the other is a warm-up to this year's Summer of Stories Challenge.  Jump right in: Create audio for your favorite post; 5-story photos; and Storytelling.

No judgment; create in private; share out here when ready.

YWP Academy -- A Deep Dive


VYP 2017 Featured Play

Mar 22
Della's picture

Emily's Spider

Editor's note: This play was created as part of a YWP Academy workshop that was led by Middlebury College's Advanced Writing class under the direction of playwright Dana Yeaton. The play was selected as one of the 12 best middle school plays of the year and was presented on stage (video above) by actors at the Vermont Young Playwrights Festival on May 11, 2017. Congratulations to Della. Take a watch (or read of the written play below) and tell her what you think!

Daily Read

May 25
in poem 0 Comments challenge: Unsaid

I've been thinking

I've been thinking recently.
I've been thinking we need to talk.
I've been thinking we might need to discuss some things.
I've been thinking I want a little more time with you.
I've been thinking I need to show you what I really mean about...
I've been thinking about all this stuff at school and my exams and all the homework I have to do and how I wish it could just do itself and how stressful school is.
Oh, you knew that already, ok. Um...Well
I've been thinking about how the world keeps moving on its axis no matter what's occurring on top of it, how time keeps ticking away and I can’t keep a hold on it, how I could meet someone who could have been my best friend in the whole wide world and it was just the wrong place or the wrong time.
May 22
in poem 1 Comment challenge: Perfect

walk forever

when we walked
side by side on trails memorized
by my feet
i felt like we could walk 
forever. but we didnt
not together
the sun fell down and 
the sky grew darker, 
the trails narrower,
and the trees taller

we met a fork in our path
and because i failed to find 
enough courage
to pull you closer
we ended up turning separate ways. 

when the sun woke the next morning
i could see you through
the treesyour
happiness warming me
from a distance
you could see me too
and shouted out to tell me that
whatever trail you fell upon
was full of astonishing things
and you told me that youd really 
like to keep walking it
i quite liked my trail too
it had perfect trees for climbing 
a stream dancing along the side

so we kept walking

Virtual Internships

May 18

Dog days approach, YWP needs you!

How would you like to become a Community Leader on this site? Have you ever wanted to choose what goes out on the front page? Or help improve some of the site's features? Or bring some of the other community members some shine?
May 19

A beginning ...

Thanks to the 25+ youths and adults who met Thursday May 18 to think and talk about the beginnings of the Youth Voices of Change Project (better name to be decided! :) ) a concentration of effort to help Muslim youths and youths of color to gain the skills, confidence and audience to be heard.

This youth-led project is just getting underway and YWP was so appreciative of the energy and ideas expressed in a forming meeting in Burlington.

More to come ...
May 09


Howdy folks,

We've made a few changes in AUDIO (we are always looking to publish posts with sound of you presenting your work!):
  • You can record audio directly to your blog
  • AND you can now make audio COMMENTS
(Works best on Chrome but works in all browsers using laptop or desktop.)
May 02
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