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The Daily Read

Sep 20
wondering about rain's picture

An ode to the perfect poem

Oh velvet black keyboard
you span my mind for miles,
rolling up and down waves
of imagination, you ride that
perfect endless sea.
Oh not quite good enough
half crumpled paper you have
the inner cogs laid out ready to 
click click, and assemble.
Don't bother with that pink 

pencil end you, are immaculate.
Slip on that sonnet and dance
under a sky I made for you,
maybe tomorrow you will 
pull on your best rondeau just
for me. Finally let your wild
spider spun hair flow free and
tear off your iron shoes nobody
really liked that much anyway. 
Those headphones,

Confidently they tell you the
story of The Cure and XTC as
your fingers skate their way across
letters, making magic like
a pianist makes magic, like a 
magician makes magic. 
No one can dare say that
moonlit pond no one
even understands how it
got there, was anything less
Aug 02

Today's Tiny Write

the hardest transition from high school to college will be, “i should do that because it will look good on my application” to, “i should do that because i want to”

And these responses:

I'm only in tenth grade and I still relate to that so deeply. Thank you.
- Fiona Ella

As a new college student, I can assure you that it is indeed strange and a difficult transition, but it's so unbelievably freeing when you finally do what you want to do. I've never been happier. The change will be unbelievably worth it. Live your life for you.
- Drift

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Recent Daily Reads

Sep 18

Just a Little Upstream

Oh, how I hate saying goodbye.
Maybe I should lie and say,

“See you soon.”

And with a sigh I send the rosebud down the river.

It floats downstream and disappears.

I remember you staring out the window,

summer, autumn, winter, spring, repeat.

You sat faithfully beside me, on the bank above the stream,

your ears perked,

your nose twitching,

your hazel brown eyes tracking the rustle of leaves.

Tonight I lie out under the stars like we used to.

Do you remember?

You always fell asleep as I told you stories of the constellations,

my fingers running through your long, soft fur.

Bliss and happiness. I thought it would last forever -

until the day you ran away, upstream from where we would stay.

I remember the pain,
Sep 18
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That's My Mom

Ms. School Board Chair. You must know her-oh, you do? Did you see her teaching kids tennis? No? Then wasn’t it at school, did she welcome you on your way in? Did she help you with your academics, get you on the soccer team? Watching your sports game? Saw her at graduation? Or did she come to your house just to say hi to your family and meet all your siblings? Maybe all of them? Oh, then I guess you just know her to be the best mom in the world. Speaking of which, did she tell you how amazing her kids are--wait, oops wrong one. Did her kids tell you how lucky they are to have her? She’s kind, she knows everyone. She cool. “ I love how dedicated she is to every kid in BUrlington, whether she knows them or not.” She has 5 million jobs yet she always has the time to come over and say hi. Well, more than hi, how was your day? Do you like your classes? How are sports going for ya? This is what kids think.
Sep 16
Maisie N's picture

Fair Weather

The smell of popcorn lingers in the air
Carnival rides and tiny toys
Like funhouse mirrors, everyone stops and stares
You are music, mayhem and beautiful noise
Watching, listening, but you do not care
Colors blur with the sound of your voice
Reminiscent, I almost thought you were there
Among the laughter of happy girls and boys.

I would have ridden the ferris wheel all night
If it meant I got to ride next to you
Queasy but excited with you by my side
In a small town with nothing better to do
For a moment I forgot my fear of heights
Lost myself in fantastic views
Of you-- of fireworks reflected in your eyes
Just you, me and the moon.

You are something different and exciting
Like a car of clowns or a barrel of monkeys
Time flies by, pedulums swinging
I think that you or your battleship sunk me
My head, like the carousel, constantly spinning
Sep 16
embermist's picture


Welcome to the fanfare of fall.
To the fire-sprung foliage that flutters onto ping-pong tables
And frustrated fighting over paddles.
Welcome to forgetting.

Welcome to wistful warmth.
Welcome to wood cabins and weaving branches,
Water reflecting here and now
A whispering world wills us away,
Away from wanderlust.

Welcome to scintillating sky,
To six AM stars, sunset streaks, spider-silk cosmos
searching for summer constellations
seeking solace from insomnia.

Welcome to pealing laughter
Loud laze of campfire (we love campfire!)
And after-dark tetherball
A leaning lullaby
liberating from life and its labours.

Welcome to melodramatic
Morse code and magic
Mastering the art of amusement 
Me, drooping eyelids while memories are being made

Welcome to hungry happiness
To hand games and hideaway


Aug 03


Write about people in an unconventional afterlife. Maybe people are grouped for eternity by how often they laugh and they party, maybe they are immediately assigned a job position to help influence life back on Earth, maybe they have to drift around outer space together ... Let your creativity flow! What is life like for the dead?
[YWP Photo Library, photo by Tess LaLonde]
Aug 03

Photo-1 Sunset

Your character wanders off to this dock to watch the sunset. Something important has just happened and they need time alone. Tell the story.
[YWP Photo Library, photo by Nora Wootten]
Sep 19


Check out this video and more from the anti-bullying campaign, Because of You. "Because of you, people can feel empowered and loved, but also insecure and hurt... Before you say or do something, think about how you might make others feel." Write about your own experience.
Jul 30

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Aug 20

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Sep 11

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