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Apr 14
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Music on the ceiling

The girl couldn't sleep.
Not when there was a party downstairs.
Not when there was music that crept under her closed door and whispered for her to stay awake.
The music seemed to sit at the foot of her bed and watch her as she tried to count her thoughts.
The girl looked at the shadows that came and went across her ceiling. Normally, they frightened her.
However, tonight was different.
Tonight there was a party downstairs, so the shadows on her ceiling seemed to dance.
When she looked up, all the girl could see were dancers that twirled and spun, waved and laughed, illuminated by the spotlight that shone through the crack under her door.
The girl watched as the shadows bowed and curtsied to one another, and then all went around in a circle holding hands.
There seemed to be lots of joy in the way the shadows danced. 
Mar 27

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Revisit something you entertained yourself with as a kid, such as a movie, book, cartoon, or board game. How does it make you feel, now that you’re older? Whether it stirs up pleasant memories or leaves you feeling cold, write about the experience. [Photo credit: YWP Media Library, photo by Cloudkitty]
Mar 24

VPR wants your poetry!

Vermont poets are invited to submit recordings of themselves to VPR reading short, original poems in celebration of National Poetry Month in April. Submissions accepted until April 20. For details, go here.
Mar 30

The Great Poets Challenge

[Art: Alden Bond, YWP]
Hey YWP, you might know me on the site as Nightheart. I want to introduce you to some great poets I've discovered – from all walks of life. APRIL'S POET IS KAHLIL GIBRAN! (See more below.) Learn about their style, their themes, their contributions to the poetry landscape. Gain inspiration from the topics that they choose to write about, and become inspired by some of their most famous poems! Write to the Great Poets challenge if you're inspired by these poets' work. The poets are organized by months, but you can write about any of the poets anytime in this ongoing challenge.

APRIL 2021 – Hey poets! April is Middle Eastern Heritage Month, and we're going to be focusing on one of the most famous modern poets of Middle Eastern descent, Kahlil Gibran. While his more famous works are in English, he was a huge influence in the Arabic Romantic movement. He was born in what is now northern Lebanon, and was educated in England, Paris and Beirut. He was an amazing figure in both poetic circles and in art, as he was a painter as well.
Apr 03

Line Break, Episode 34

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Roses about her poem, "gray," mythology, water as a metaphor, taking inspiration from Line Break (listen to Episode 30, Part 2 here!), North Dakota possibly being home to Area 51, and seventh grade drama. A little subway rumbling can be heard throughout this episode, but it shouldn't be too bad. 
I hope you enjoy! Also, send me a message if you're interested in recording a Line Break episode! I'd love to talk about your poem and tons of other cool writing-related and completely random topics. 
Audio download:
Apr 01

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