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May 04

Vaccine Day Diary

Vaccine Day Diary Part I

Today is the day I've been waiting for since that fateful day in March of 2020-it's vaccine day! Today, me and my friends will board the bus and leave the safety of our little school, venturing out into the city to a hotel.. We will wear our masks like armor, just us and a tiny piece of fabric against the world. We will sit in  folding chairs in the ballroom and a state employee will stick a needle into our arms, inoculating us against fear. When my mom went to the convention center in downtown Boston for her first dose of Pfizer's ambrosia, the navy was there! The national guard! it was easy and a little bit terrifying as she told it. I can only hope it goes as smoothly for me.

One of the girls here is afraid of needles-I wonder how she'll do. I guess I'm nervous, too, but this vaccine is my key to the locked door of the future. Some people think it has a microchip in it, I joke that I'll be getting austim^2.
May 04

The Great Poets Challenge

[Art: Alden Bond, YWP]
Hey YWP, you might know me on the site as Nightheart. I want to introduce you to some great poets I've discovered – from all walks of life. May's Poet is Ocean Vuong, a Vietnamese-American poet, essayist and novelist! (See more below.) Learn about their style, their themes, their contributions to the poetry landscape. Gain inspiration from the topics that they choose to write about, and become inspired by some of their most famous poems! Write to the Great Poets challenge if you're inspired by these poets' work. The poets are organized by months, but you can write about any of the poets anytime in this ongoing challenge.

MAY 2021 – Hi writers! The poet this month is Ocean Vuong, a Vietnamese-American poet, essayist and novelist. While his works are more recent, he has been honoured with several awards, and his book On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous is something I recommend to everyone. His style of poetry is haunting, and surprisingly relatable. He represents a surge in a new style of poetry that is more abstract than what has been traditionally done. 
Apr 12

Writing Workshop May 26!

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Jan 30
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Aug 08


What is one thing you wish people would stop assuming about you, and why? How would you change their minds, if you were pressed to, or how have you learned to shake off their misguided judgments? [Challenge created by Treblemaker, YWP; Photo: Kevin Huang, YWP Media Library]
Aug 07


Photograph or use any art form to depict something that makes you laugh. If it's not clear what's going on, write a caption explaining it. [Photo credit: Jude Beck, Unsplash]
Oct 10

General/Free Write

[Illustration: JR Korpa, Unsplash]
Write about anything in any genre. Add photos if you like. Be free and fearless!
Apr 28

Six Words

Write a complete story in six words. [Photo credit: Arno Senoner, Unsplash]
Mar 26

Take a pause and listen!

May 01

Line Break, Episode 36

Apr 26


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