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  • Last Summer

    Last summer

    I tried to avoid school

    but also

    tried to get myself ready

    for the big class

    for the hard homework

    the stuff that never ended up

    being a problem.


    Last summer

  • After

    I can't think about before or now, but after,

    After all the moaning and groaning

    After all the cleaning, weeding, and mowing,

    After we cook, grill, and bake,

    After we cut, tape, and decorate,


  • Visual Art



    Venture outside with paper and a pencil and find some flowers or greenery that catch your eye. Hold them up to the light with one hand, and outline the shape with the other. Finish the basic silhouette in your own style. 

  • Writing



    What is something you have always considered downright absurd, that either cracks you up on a day-to-day basis or makes you so frustrated, all you can do is throw your hands up in the air?

  • Writing



    Write a short fiction piece from the point of view of a “sidekick,” wingman, or meek best friend of a more gregarious social butterfly, finally coming into their own. 


  • Visual Art

    Julie A. Davis

    Vermont artist Julie A. Davis often features the home state she loves, as well as neighboring Massachusetts, in her landscape paintings. Davis likes to paint en plein air, in all kinds of weather. See her work for inspiration for your own creations.

  • Writing

    Alice Munro

    Alice Munro (1931-2024) is a beloved Canadian short story writer and Nobel Prize laureate. Read an Alice Munro story, and you'll understand why she is considered "our Chekhov."

  • Writing

    Create a Challenge

    Help YWP create inspiring challenges for writing or visual art. Think about what makes an interesting prompt and share your idea with us! 

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