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The Daily Read

May 24
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Paper Thin

I was walking in a garden one day
and a little girl turned to me
Eyes sparkling in beauty she said
Soft and delicate
“I want to be a butterfly one day”.

Straight out of a fairytale
Barely brushing a purple daffodil
Was a paper thin
vibrant blue butterfly.
Soaking in the summer sun
Dancing lazily
in toasting air
Enjoying the possibility of flight.

I looked at her
Eyes tracing curled golden pigtails
May 20

Lessons From School

Editor's Note: This piece is also featured May 25 as a top read on! See it in YWP's The Crow on Medium.

I have been taught many things in school this year
including, but not exclusive to,
how photosynthesis and cellular respiration work on a molecular level,
the U.S. debt on May 10, 2018 at about 9:40 was roughly $21,145,528,000,000.00,
how to create a short story,
May 21

Today's Tiny Write

I can't morph into a cloud
If I'm just a rock,
Just like I can't dream
If I don't have a destiny.
- Anna P.

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Recent Daily Reads

May 23

Artisan Textiles

I’m obsessed with words,
scratching mental letters into threaded blue jeans,
squeaky wooden table tops,
barren midnight swaths of bed sheets soaked in ink:

A cloth woven on a mental loom,
frameworks of English threaded with fine threads of phrases,
each spun of intertwining tufts of verbage
dyed to minute vibrancy by the arrangement of 26 simple shapes.

The cloth often likens to a photograph, 
broken down to pixels,
May 19
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Should We Cure Autism Or Not? – Speech Class

The debate about whether there should be a cure for autism or not has taunted both sides with theories and fears. In 2009, the United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority negatively called out the Son-Rise program, a center that mentors parents about autism and treatments, because of an ad that made them sound like they could "cure" autism. Yet between 3-25% of people seemingly "outgrow" their diagnosis, meaning that the autistic label becomes inappropriate.
May 21
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How Many

Google Search:
Vincent van Gogh.
I was in art class.
When I got the alert.
Santa Fe High School,
Shots fired.
No casualties reported.
That was all it said.
 “What are you doing?”

My substitute art teacher inquired.
I showed him my phone,
He donned a grim frown.
His brows knitted together,
His eyes brewing with barely restrained anger.
Then he asked a question.
“How many?”

VYP 2018 -- High School 10-minute plays

Vermont Young Playwrights -- Day 2 -- High School

VYP 2018 -- Cold Readings - First Round

Cold Readings - Second Round (Part 1)

Cold Readings - Second Round (Part 2)

Staged Readings
For MIDDLE SCHOOL VYP 2018 videos, go here: For texted responses to Middle School cold readings:

Welcome. These are the full videos of the two rounds of High School Cold Readings and the afternoon of Staged Readings at the 2018 Vermont Young Playwrights Festival.  Warning, some contain profanity.
May 23

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May 25


Embarrassing. Write about your most embarrassing moment. Can you laugh about it now or is it still too painful?
Sep 15


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Jun 02

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