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Apr 24


Road. Think about Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” and write a story about two characters who stand at a crossroads and choose opposite roads/directions/options. Tell their story or focus on an aspect of the decision – their conversation, the outcome, the process of making the decision.
Apr 24

Flying Car

The future is now. You now own a flying car. Tell a story on how you use it each day, how it changes your life or our culture. Or write a story about the myriad of problems that emerge from insufficient battery life, getting lost, etc.
Apr 24


Photo10-House. Write a story or poem based on this illustration (by Ava Kendrick of Harwood Union High School, Vermont.)
Apr 20

100 Days

Looking for a place to rant and rave? You're at the right place! Tell us your thoughts about the first 100 days of the Trump administration.
And record yourself reading your piece -- right on your blog (click Audio and try the Recording tab upper right. Please use Firefox or Safari).
Read as if you're presenting to an audience. Consider sharing this piece at YWP's upcoming SoundCheck on May 5!

Daily Read

Apr 27
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The Sunny Side of the Street

Your car may be electric while mine uses gas,
You may or may not use a blinker to pass.
But every car drives the same interstate.
Everyone is just trying to reach the same fate.

You may drive fast while I prefer slow,
You may not yield when it’s my turn to go.
But we are all making the same exact drive,
Every person out there, is trying to stay alive.

You may rap while I’ll sing my pop,
You may or may not choose to make a full stop.
But we are brought together out along the road,
Everyone trying to handle the same tough load.

In the end, we're all going to different places,
And out on the road we'll see different faces.
But, the concrete slabs bring friendships together,
They gather people no matter the weather.

We become one while out on the street,
Apr 27
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Middle of the road

Two teens set out to steal a new invention, so that a perfect one can be made ...
Apr 27

Don't Say Goodnight

'Oh wow, it's Midnight. You think we should turn in?' 
'Nah, not yet. Lets talk a litle longer, ok?'
You're tired. 
Your spelling worsens, 
You laugh more and more; 
I'm not even convinced you're fully awake. 
Yet you continue to type
And talk about your day. 
You complain about those boys in math, 
Gush about the latest teenage heartthrob, 
And playfully bicker with me about the smallest things. 
You don't understand 
Why I willingly sit
And listen to your rambling all night
Without bothering you with mine. 
And neither do I. 
But the light of that screen
wraps around me like an embrace
And with a full heart, 
I pray that your next text message, 
Is not to say goodnight. 

It's Poetry Month! YWP Poets Wow Poem City

Apr 01

Emily Hess, Eva Rawlings, Maisie Newbury, Greta Hardy-Mittell, Shannon MacDonald and Dan Gregory helped kick off Poem City Saturday -- a celebration of National Poetry Month with poetry happenings and public displays in Montpelier, VT,  for the entire month of April. The audience was, simply, blown away.

SoundCheck! May 5!

Apr 17
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Join Burlington City Arts and Young Writers Project for the finale of this amazing youth spoken word event!
Anyone age 13-18 is welcome to sign up in advance to perform stories, poems, slams to a live audience! 
Workshop/warmup and pizza at 6 pm. Show starts at 7 p.m.


YWP News

Apr 24


Howdy. You will note some changes on the site:
  • A new look for when you create/edit a blog. This was done to make it look a little cleaner AND have it work properly in a Smartish Phone or small tablet. Cool.
  • AND AND and... The Big Change in AUDIO. You will now see in your blog create/edit, within ADD MEDIA, two (2) fields for Audio, one Audio Upload (hmmm, wonder what that means?) and Audio Recorder. Both are much easier to do than before and we really would love to have you start using the Audio Recorder functionality. It now works on ALL BROWSERS in Desktop and Laptops (still trying to get iOS and Android technologies).  WHY would you? Because we love the sound of your voices. Because our media partners love stories that have your voices that are well-recorded.
Apr 17
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