• Winter's Demons- a scary story.

    Some say that in the winter, when the shadows are long and the bare branches of the trees reach out with long, crooked fingers, that that is when the dead come out. 

    And sometimes... sometimes those who wander alone don't ever come back.

  • The Silence Market

    In a world where every digital breakthrough to age-old traditions stood as symbols of our progression, it wasn’t the advancements themselves that captivated us, but the revolution of our words.

  • Eavesdropping

    I fly by the hallways, emptier than ever and I can hear chuckles from nearby classrooms. I love the outside, sure, but I love being inside just as much. There's no family to lecture me about how bad the high school is. Though it isn't.

  • Guilt

    I kneel down on the dewy grass,                            picking up a ladybug by the hand.

  • Dance of the Polar Bear

         Late at night, my igloo is cozy and warm, unlike the Artic outside. Grandmum tucks me into bed, but doesn't leave just yet. She takes a seat on the edge of my bed, and prepares her story telling voice. 

  • The Life of a Boat

    Here’s the thing about being a boat: your quality of life depends entirely upon the humans who take care of you. As for me, I suppose I’m lucky. They haven’t traded me out for another, even though I’m old and my motor doesn’t work much.

  • overthinking part 1

    “Do you think I’d drop my walls like this for–for just anyone?!” I say, voice taut. I’m almost shouting now.
    Axel throws up his hands in surrender. 
    “Ella, it’s not like that.” I narrow my eyes at him. 
  • The City

    The city has always held me in its arms.

    Softly, like a mother does to a child.

    At the edge of daylight,

    I gaze out over a balcony

    and call each structure by name.
  • Whitesteeple

    The church had seen horrors beyond its wildest comprehension. It had seen plague, townspeople blistering at the mouth, boils erupting over their palms.