Fainting Goat

Fainting Goat


14 years old


  • Autumn Leaves

    I step outside,

    And look around.

    I see the autumn leaves.

    In hues of yellow,

    Red and brown.

    I see the autumn leaves.

    As I watch,

    Barely breathing,

    Autumn leaves 

    Fall from the trees.

  • The Human Mistakes

    The sun sets over the ocean.

    The wind blows through my hair.

    Voices float on the breeze.

    I wonder, sometimes

    What the world

    Could've been like

    If human's had not

    Destroyed it.

    I wonder about

  • Insomnia

    I cannot sleep

    Once again.

    I lie awake

    Wishing I could see 

    The stars.

    Instead I see 

    This room and

    Its hideous orange walls.

    The walls seem to move

    Closing in around me.

  • Challenges

    Sometimes it seems

    Hard to understand

    Why things are

    The way they are.

    But even if

    We don't understand

    All we can do

    Is move forward.


    Life has its challenges

  • The Cats

    My mind is fuzzy.

    I can't think straight.

    I hear a clock ticking.

    Is it just in my head?

    Do you hear it too?

    I round a corner.

    The cat waits there.

    It watches me.

    It watches me.