• phantom pain

    Houses that are green are one step ahead

    From the ivy that will destroy it someday

    I think that ivy is one of my most favorite things about life

  • Poetry

    By YWP

    Ode to Color

    The world is alive, screaming and whispering with color.

    Color is subtle, averting appreciation.

    Color is outright, a shout against the night.

     Color is everywhere, within us, beside us,

  • Sailing

    If your sailing

    And you feel like your failing,

    You might want to think about bailing.


    For sailing 

    With uncertainty 

    Is most certainly, 

  • Happy Birthday!

    Dear Mom,

    I forgot to buy you something again. I guess I couldn't find anything that expressed my gratitude enough, so I've decided to write you something until I have time to buy you that wine you like. 

  • happy birthday, molly!

    Dear friend,

    your presence in the present moment is the best present I could ask for

    ironically, speaking of presents, it seems I've forgotten yours

    so I'll hope praise and prose will work until I can buy you candy

  • Family Totem

    The gum sends down a burn to my throat,

    I argue with myself if I love it or not.

    Its spice is grown from lifeless pleasure,

    and distaste has become a full dinner.

    Is the rush to my head still worth it?

  • The Boxes In The Corner

    Looming over your shoulders

    Each stack higher than its former

    Every thought and every scrap

    Of an idea too scared to ponder


    Every moment that hurt

    Each minute that lingered longer