• Gardening My Story

    I stare at the words in front of me,

    The blank space below them,

    The keys beneath my fingertips,

    The possibilities I could bring to life.

    Story lines bud in my mind,

    But I hold back from letting them blossom,

  • Fate

    Many say fate is set in stone,

    like hieroglyphs hung up on walls. 

    That tells stories to all. 

    Some say fate is crystal clear,

    That it’s something not to fear.

  • It Is Still Summer

    It is still summer. Not fall. 

    Call me stubborn, but I refuse to forget. I choose to remember. 

    I remember riding the train, speeding past hills that glow yellow from the sun. 

  • Better Things

    autumn leaves, they
    fall to the pine-bathed
    soil, and my heart falls
    with them, and I think it's burning
    too, burning too, for all it takes
    is one glance into your
    amber eyes, september sight, and

  • Fall

    Fall sings the song

          Of beginning again

    Letting go 

                   Of all the hurts dragging you down 

    Run through the golden woods

          Leaves in your hair

    Stop for a moment

  • The Artist of Fall

    When night awakes sooner,

    and the stars become brighter,

    Fall descends onto the land.

    Soon enough, winter will bring its false sand,

    until then, the leaves paint the sky-

    as the trees and wind begin to sigh.

  • Love

    Love can take many forms.

    It appears in the way the moon,

    is drawn to the sea, creating storms-

    showing their love, that won’t leave anytime soon.

    It appears in the way the sun,