• I Wanted To Love You

    I wanted to love you, even though we never got the chance to explore what could have been. Every time we talked, I felt a spark, a hint of something more that perhaps existed only in my imagination.

  • Perfumed Lilacs and High-Fiving Trees

    Today was the first time I've gone biking in the morning — the proper morning, when the sun is light on your shoulders and the neighborhood is waking up, bursting with birdsong and the not-so-harmonious orchestra of barking dogs — and it was wonde

  • Home

    Every week, I look forward to Sundays with my mom. My mom is a beautiful woman. She never wears designer clothes but she wears leggings, T-shirts, and sweatpants. She smells like the Thank You Next perfume by Arianna Grande.

  • The Telling of Myself

    I could tell you a story about when I was young, or even express why certain hobbies I have are vastly important and a big part of my life. But those instances wouldn’t show you the real me, they only show you a part of me.

  • My Path in Life

    I have always had my definition of cool. In elementary school, I would hang out with the stereotypical cool kids. I played three sports, with my skills ranging from decent, to pretty good.

  • Bloodchild

    In the novel, Bloodchild, the two main stories that deal with the power of language and communication are Amnesty and Speech Sounds.

  • Breathe

    Breathe- My body is shaking, my mind is racing with uncontrollable thoughts, I just can't breathe. I look and there it is, the door.