Great Artists

Colorful paints at Wolf Kahn's studio, courtesy of Wolf Kahn Foundation site.
[Art credit: Wolf Kahn website]

YWP ARTISTS! Each month, we feature great contemporary artists from around the world and our home state of Vermont. 

Scroll through and learn about the artists and their work, be inspired, and create your own great art in any medium. 

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  • Visual Art

    Wolf Kahn

    Master landscape painter Wolf Kahn and his brilliant oil and pastel paintings, such as "Ochre Barn Ochre Bush" above, were the inspiration for our Great Artists Challenge.

  • Visual Art

    Emily Mason

    Stunning, bold, abstracts paintings, such as "Semaphore," above, are the signature style of artist Emily Mason. Poet Emily Dickinson and the landscapes of Vermont were among her influences.

  • Visual Art

    Georgia O'Keeffe

    Georgia O'Keeffe, called the "Mother of American modernism," was renowned for her paintings of enlarged flowers, landscapes in New Mexico, New York City architecture. 

  • Visual Art

    Norval Morrisseau

    Norval Morrisseau, a self-taught artist, conveyed the stories and values of his Anishinaabe elders in a distinctive visual storytelling style that became known as the Woodland School.

  • Visual Art

    Philip Guston

    Through his art, Philip Guston raised social and political questions about freedom, brutality, racism, and civil strife that still resonate today.

  • Visual Art

    Vaune Trachtman

    Vermont-based photographer and printmaker Vaune Trachtman creates dreamy, layered images that combine past and present in both technology and subject.