Contest: Art in Nature

ArtSpace's inaugural visual art contest, Art in Nature, was a big success in the spring of 2023 with more than 100 submissions of beautiful art from YWP's talented photographers, painters, and illustrators – so successful that more contests will follow! Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to our contest winners whose work is displayed below.

Four winning art pieces for the ArtSpace Art in Nature contest
Art in Nature contest winners, clockwise from top left, "Trout Triptych" by clearyj; "Ink Stream" by roma; "Bluebells" by emiliaw._; and "Fungi!" by Writer1326. 

Painting of three trout against red backdrop

"Trout Triptych" by clearyj, Burlington, VT

This artist included this artist statement with her submission:

"As a young person growing up in the Champlain Valley, the rivers and streams of Vermont often inspire me to create art. Over this past summer, I was able to explore these rivers more and more. My summer travels, camping trips, and swimming adventures were expressed through my pens, pencils and paintbrush. As a result, my canvases were filled with colorful Vermont fish. 

"I wanted this painting to express the quirks and color within even a single species. Native Vermont trout have a special place in my heart, especially the Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Brown Trout. I chose to paint them on a bright reddish-orange background that matches the warm colors sparsely yet carefully found within each trout’s unique intricate pattern. While this warm background is not a fish’s typical environment, it provides a contrast to the cool blue-green hues of the fish, symbolizing the vitality and energy of these fish and their natural world. Painted next to the three fish are three clumps of eggs that blend into the background, allowing the viewer’s eyes to wash over the whole painting and consider the life cycle of the trout. The composition of the trout and the eggs emphasizes the distinctive characteristics of each fish, and also creates a sense of movement that reflects the dynamic nature of Vermont’s rivers and streams."

Delicate pink/purple bluebells

"Bluebells" by emiliaw., Thetford Center, VT

Closeup of mushrooms

"Fungi!" by Writer1326, Cambridge, VT

Ink drawing of winding stream

"Ink Stream" by roma, Essex,  VT

Logo of Wolf Kahn Foundation

This ArtSpace contest was made possible through the generosity of the Wolf Kahn Foundation. Thank you!