About YWP's Website


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About YWP's Website


YWP ACCOUNTS: If you're a member of the YWP community and you've been active on YWP in the past three years, your account and all associated posts have been transferred to the new site. You should be able to sign in with your old username but you will have to reset your password. A link will be sent to the email associated with your YWP account. If you need help with your password, retrieving your account, or reactivating an old account, please contact Susan Reid at sreid@youngwritersproject.org. For more information, go to About Young Writers Project.

ACCESSIBILITY: YWP strives to be accessible to all young writers and artists who want to join our free website. Accessibility improvements include: 
- Clear and contrast-free typeface, fonts, and colors;
- Alternative text and easier navigation for users with vision impairment;
- Ease of overall site navigation from top menu button and quick tabs on homepage.

BETTER USER EXPERIENCE: Logged-in users can go directly to a personal dashboard that includes quick links to create writing or visual art, as well as links to challenges, and the latest in Tiny Writes and the Book Club. Users can join these interactive forums directly from the dashboard. The bell on the top right will notify you of new messages and comments.

YWP logo with Corvid and Young Writers Project

HOMEPAGE AND LOGO: Three writing and three visual art pieces are featured daily on the homepage along with recent challenges, news & events, and The Voice. Tamarack Media designed the new logo featuring the "Corvid" (the raven and crow family) to reflect YWP’s creativity and playfulness, and as a nod to YWP’s past logos.

CHALLENGES: All challenges can be found on one central page: Weekly Challenges, Opinion & Commentary, Great Artists, and Great Poets.

FOR TEACHERS: A special section to help teachers use the site for inspiration and class projects.


  • Active users: For YWP account holders who have been active on the site in the last three years, you should be able to log in with your old username. You'll be prompted to reset your password. If we missed you in the transfer to the new site, please let us know.
  • Archived site (2015-23): Content from the previous YWP site will be archived here: archives.youngwritersproject.org
  • ​If you have any questions, contact Susan Reid, YWP executive director, by email: sreid@youngwritersproject.org.

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Sincere thanks to Vermont Arts Council for funding this project with a digital capacity grant, and to Tamarack Media Cooperative for designing and developing the site!