Essay Contest for Vermont 8th Graders


Hildene, Lincoln family home in winter

Essay Contest for Vermont 8th Graders

Vermont 8th Grade students are invited to submit essays to the annual Lincoln Essay Competition by Feb. 12, 2024 to receive cash prizes and certificates. Hildene, the family home of President Abraham Lincoln, in Manchester, VT, administers the competition and asks students to respond to this prompt:

President Lincoln had a life-long interest in technology, believing in the power of human innovation to improve lives. In his Discoveries and Inventions lecture, he reflects on some of the essential human innovations that have shaped the course of history (speech, writing, the printing press, steam-power, etc.). Today, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has the potential to make a similarly profound impact on society. 

With this in mind, please answer the following prompt in 500 words or fewer: 

Select a subject or field that interests you and explore the potential impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) within that area. Provide a specific example of how AI could positively influence this field, as well as one example of how it could be detrimental. Based on the examples you've provided, explain whether you believe the benefits outweigh the risks to your chosen area of interest.

Prizes: First place: $500; second place: $400; third place: $300, and up to four honorable
mentions of $200 each

Due: Feb. 12, 2024

Details: Find the student application and details on submitting your essay on the Hildene website.

[Photo credit: Hildene, Manchester, VT,]