Winter Visual Art Contest Awards!


Three winning images

Winter Visual Art Contest Awards!

Congratulations, award-winning artists!

  • Gold ($100): Samara Raiche, "In Flight," top left
  • Silver ($75): Goldenrose, "The Worlds We're Stuck Between," lower left
  • Bronze ($50): Amalie@kua, "When Shadows Meet," right

Owl in flight against green forest background
"In Flight" by Samara Raiche, 17, VT, Gold award

Gold ($100): Samara Raiche, "In Flight"

Artist's statement: " 'In Flight' is an abstract portrait of an owl in acrylic paint. I wanted the background to look blurry and to not be that focused on it so the owl would be the main focus. I did darker trees to make them seem farther away and a lighter tree to make them seem closer."

Illustrative painting showing a bright world and a dark world
"The Worlds We're Stuck Between," by Goldenrose, 14, VT, Silver award

Silver ($75): Goldenrose, "The Worlds We're Stuck Between"

Artist's statement: "How we interpret the world, describe it, and what it is. What we strive for, and what is reality. This depiction of reality is up for interpretation, but aims to capture where we stand now. We are caught between our human needs, and how they affect the world around us. We wish for a reality where we can stitch back together what we are losing. This piece asks what is stopping us, and where we are going next."

Tree in moon shadows on winter night
"When Shadows Meet" by Amalie@kua, 15, VT, Bronze award

Bronze ($50): Amalie@kua, "When Shadows Meet"

Artist's statement: "When the moon shines on snow – shadows meet."

Big thank you to all YWP artists for submitting your beautiful art to this contest! We asked you to send your best work in any medium – and you did! We are so grateful to you for sharing your art with YWP! Thank you, all!

Prize winners are published in the February 2024 issue of The Voice.