“Guns” is a conceptual graphic still life in newspaper and acrylic paint. My work is considered contemporary because I used newspapers in my painting. Conceptual art is art in which the idea or concept presented by the artist is considered more important than its appearance or execution. I learned about how many gun violence problems we struggle with. When I was looking through the newspaper to find articles, I found at least 15 different gun violence articles to add into my painting. I would like the audience to understand the problem with gun violence and notice that the articles in the background are about this problem. I would like my audience to notice the detail in the rose and the rose petals. I would also like the audience to admire the look of paint on the newspaper. I want the audience to feel sad for the people who have experienced gun violence at some point in their life. I used emphasis to create my gun, by using bolded letters instead of the normal newspaper print. I also used contrast with my flower. I used contrast by painting my flower a different color as the newspaper. I used the shape of a newspaper to form it into a gun for my element of art. 



18 years old