These are some pieces I made in an Alternative Processes in Photography class at Maryland Institute College of Art Precollege. We learned how to make Cyanotypes, Van Dyke Prints, and Photograms and then had to create a final project based around one of those methods. I chose to mix cyanotypes with stained glass and created these light orbs. The photo on the left shows how I displayed the pieces in the final exhibition- they were on pedistals in the center of the room but this is what I did with my wall space.

The images on the glass are photos from my life, there are some childhood photos, some photos of friends, and a few other moments. I printed digital negatives of the photos, cyanotyped them on graph paper (so that light could pass through the prints), cut glass, glued the prints to the glass, then soldered all of the pieces together and put lights inside. 



17 years old