Many people express themselves in their own way. I draw, and express myself through the means of painting. I like to paint in my spare time.

I mainly draw people and landscapes, and these two have different characteristics. When I draw a person, I focus on the details like eyes, nose, lips, and eyebrows and describe them. When I paint a landscape, I draw the picture harmoniously while looking at the overall feeling. From drawing characters and backgrounds to seeing the whole and details, we cannot see the whole by looking at one place. It is important to strike a balance and improve perfection. I am developing my skills by applying them to other parts of my life. This could apply to my essay as well as painting. We are structuring the outline first before writing the essay. Rather than focusing on one paragraph, I build it out with an overall outline. This is because it is important to read the whole flow, not just one part of the article.

The advantage of paper is that it has an analog feel. The feeling of the paper texture felt by hand and through the pencil makes it possible to fully focus on the painting itself. I want to become a person like a watercolor and oil painting. Watercolor creates colorful colors by layering paint. The more colors are added, the more the true value of watercolor is revealed.

An oil painting makes up for mistakes by adding more paint without getting frustrated even if there are mistakes.  These two have opposite characteristics, but I want to use them to create myself.

However, paper leaves marks even if I erase it, but iPad can erase it cleanly without leaving any marks even if I make a mistake while drawing. I can modify it as much as I like, and I can freely use a variety of colors that are not limited. This is an iPad advantage. I use analog and digital appropriately.

The reason why drawing is good is that I can forget the complicated and difficult stress in my head for a while and focus on my favorite hobby, drawing. It's a hobby that I've cultivated for the longest time in my life, and I worked hard enough to win awards at school and in national competitions. When I complete a piece of art, I feel proud. It also feels good to share with others because my hard work rewards seeing their expressions. My works convey peace of mind to the viewer. 

Like this, there are many sticky connections between painting and my life. In the future, I want to fill my life with various paintings.

Posted in response to the challenge Mark Bradford.



18 years old