Fall is the Time of Delight

Trees swaying in the cold breeze

With all the red leaves falling off the trees

Red and orange cover the grounds

All turning to browns

The world starts to calm

Binge my favorite horror sitcom

Pumpkins and skeletons on every porch as you walk down the street

As you eat a pumpkin spiced sweet

the slight drizzle of rain

While walking with all the friends that came

Misty skies start to form

Holding a pumpkin spice latte makes your hands begin to warm

Windows covered in frost

All the time you’ve lost

Shadows lurching down every road

Horror movies begin to be shown

The smell of spices drifting from every door

Halloween decorations on the floor

Jack’o Lanterns smiling bright 

Autumn is a time of delight


Posted in response to the challenge Fall: Writing.



13 years old