My Neighborhood in Saudi Arabia

You might have read the title and yes, I came from Saudi Arabia. I was actually the third  generation in Saudi Arabia. My grandfather embarked to Saudi Arabia from Pakistan, and then my father, with the practice of shifting to a different country, simulated the act of traveling. But that's a different story. I’m here to tell you about my life in Saudi Arabia. 

Now Saudi Arabia is almost exactly like America but with some key differences: 

1) It's a desert country so the climate is very hot. Like hot, hot, it was 104 degrees the day we went to the airport for America and that was like a cold breeze for us. The maximum I have experienced is 122 degrees. It also has less trees. 

2) Saudi Arabia focuses mainly on quality and quantity. Because of the fact that America and China don't get along well and Chinese products do not enter America is a huge letdown. Chinese products are AMAZING compared to American ones. While American products work more on using less resources, China goes all out. American products are also usually overpriced with bad quality while Chinese's are cheap with amazing quality. 

3) The shopping malls: In Saudi Arabia, you will find a variety of stuff from a single store. Walmart and Costco are nothing compared to Hyper Panda and Nesto. You could find anything in Saudi Arabia. 

Now, I lived in an area named KFUPM. It had it all. There were schools there (not that I went to them). There was a playground for little kids and soccer and basketball courts. The houses were also amazing. 

But America is still better than Saudi Arabia (except for those 3 reasons) and I love it here! 

  • Written by Shaheer Syed, Grade 7, Williston Central School


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