My Way

My childhood was greatly affected by a variety of types of art. I can’t remember every single artwork that I experienced, but every time I exited the showroom, I could sense that I was developing my sense and vision of life. 

While people experience art, we think. We question the artist, question ourselves, analyze, understand, and accept. This whole process that swirls around my brain is defined with one word– thinking. 

And then, I could be certain. I could be certain that my way of thinking that was developed by repeating this process is different than anyone else in the world. My own vision, my own thoughts are factors that make me original, which is me, myself. I feel great pride in the fact that no one else in the world can think the way I think. This is the most critical reason why I can believe in myself. 


Posted in response to the challenge Wolf Kahn.



14 years old

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