Now listen

Why doesn't belong here 

in court

with where what when how 


decided why could be held in three letters

why is the opposite of definitive

not a date not an address not a time not a person not a crime not a rate 

it's a reason

a reason for pain

reason for falling into pits of bias 

of blame

of silenced cries 

why defines our actions our words

why is shaped by the layers of us

shaped by others shaped by those before us 

I wanna cus to those who pry who don't see

beyond sight and sound

reason is the reason for everything no action does not drive our world 

reason is the source of action 

why is us crying in corners 

and questioning why we do anything 

anything at all

why is what children ask you say

kids are the brilliance here

their superpower is question

children are dismissed for asking too much

to many 


take advice from your child 

when why is locked behind bars

in life lost to judgement 

in lack of explanation

why can be twisted


covered ignored

why can be dismissed

or cashed in as a worthless nickle

if only you'd listen 

consider the puzzle piece that is kicked under the rug

and wonder why the puzzle's incomplete 

why do we ask why 

if our answers are trodden on 


what happened happened

it sure did



is a reason

for anything

it shows in our clothing our words

why is larger than 3 thousand million worlds

why can't be defined

why is different for you than for your neighbor sibling friend enemy 

don't pretend 

you don't know what I'm saying

why can't you listen

why is caught up in a million threads of lies

but it hangs heavier than any action

any addiction 

it is a fear we keep wrapped up inside

a blurry photo of our life we can't seem to understand 

why yells in our ears every second of every lifetime 

why reason compells us is beyond knowledge 

but every word spoken could be why

why do we exist 

and nothing would be answered 



why screams from a cardboard box in the corner

why is written in invisible ink on every  street corner 

sidewalk door handle and gavel

why is forgotten 

it's silenced 

it's interrupted 

cut off


why is unanswered 

a deep pit of door slams and ended conversations 

why isn't opaque enough to be seen through the blood stains on the carpet or through silent handshakes placing need into coat pockets

all we see is the obvious 













to the world

no not just the teacher the news the statistics politics wars 

listen to yourself 

the people

the poor

the hated 

the spat on

the targeted 

the ones who don't get a chance to explain themselves 

listen for lies 

for truth

for reason 

see beneath bias and color and crime and wealth and government and media and every nickel every app every house every shack every person dressed in black every system every self image every agenda every crack in the pavement of our cities

and ask yourself


does anything happen at all 


Ice Blink


17 years old