Scary Story

One morning in a small log cabin in the woods lived an old man and his dog the man's name was Justin Hunter and his dog was Scout they had been living in the woods for exactly 23 years they were out hunting one day when they found a skeleton of a creature of something that they had never seen before they brought it home and cleaned it off it had the body of a human and the head of a deer they thought it was just a mistake but that's when they started to hear strange noises outside that night after a pot of rabbit stew Justin had never heard these noises before but still tried to get some sleep but that's only when the noises got even louder it was the sound of a Elk but with a hint of screaming in.


He decided to see what it was but he didn't find it so he went back to bed. In the morning he had woken up to a knocking at his door. He was baffled but he got up and answered that it was a man with a long beard. He looked like an officer so he asked him what he was doing there. The officer replied that there were strange noises coming from the house. It sounded like screaming. He said that he had heard it too and was confused. The officer told him to call him if he ever heard the noises again.


The officer left and Justin felt like hunting so he grabbed his rifle, cleaned it loaded up, got his coat on, and got Scout then headed out into the darkest part of the forest he had got a small spot on a tree he had previously made for hunting years before.


He remembered the skeleton he found in the woods he thought to himself that he should have shown it to the officer when suddenly he heard the noises again his dog stood up and started to bark the man pulled up his rifle and aimed it at the void part of the woods he waited patiently for it to come out of the bushes time passed then he gave up suddenly a footstep sound appeared he turned to look back and he saw the strangest thing in the world ever a human body that had fur cover it and a deer head and it at least had to be 7ft it looked around and sniffed the air it yelled out another scream it hurt the man's ears this time because it was closer it looked up at the man and it screamed again it started charging back into the woods he tried to shoot but missed.

The dog got down and started to chase the strange creature the man followed his dog the wind was brushing in his face and the twigs slapped him as he ran after the dog suddenly he felt something slimy under him like mud he slipped and fell into a rocky ditch with a loud THUD suddenly colors flashed in his mind the warm colors of red and green the smell of cookie dough and the smell of a fire he couldn't smell it though he could FEEL the smells suddenly he woke up to cold feeling pain in his hip and his back he got up and looked around the mud had stuck over him like water after swimming he didn't smell a fire or the cookie batter only the smell of pine trees.


He started to hear his dog again so he started to limp his way there he walked through a cave-looking forest he stepped on smoothly hard and solid it made a crack under his foot he looked down to see what he stepped on then he saw it a skull of a fox had been under his foot he held up his rifle that was a little broken but not the main part of the gun he carefully went forward making every step as careful and quit as a wolf hunting.


He heard his dog barking again he started to walk a little faster while minding his back and hip at the same time he found a tree that had strange carvings all over it he found his dog under the tree he sighed in relief they started to make there way back when the screaming happened again but this time IT WAS BEHIND THEM they started to run towards the drop where the old man fell but it was to tall so the went thru a crowded bush area the man aimed his rifle and a loud bang that echoed thru the woods.


The beast screamed and they got away they got to the cabin and barricaded the door shut and sealed the windows shut the man hid under the bed while the dog just barked at the door the door started to shake and bang the dog whimpered and hid under the table the door shot forward and the hooves of the beast appeared it looked so similar to the skeleton from the woods he found the beast walked around the room the air became hot sweat fell from the man's head he started to slowly breath covering his mouth the beast looked around and it left.



12 years old