Sensing Fall

I walk outside and smell the crisp fall air. Leaves everywhere all different colors from red to orange and a bit of yellow. I see leaves falling from trees while  and the soft breeze wisps my face. The leafless trees are dancing in the breeze and branches move swiftly. I also see my dad raking the lawn. He rakes the leaves in big piles. He is clad in a jacket , pants , a hat and gloves while my dog Sasha is jumping in the piles of leaves, when she jumps in  I can hear the crunch of leaves. I can smell my moms yummy cooking from the kitchen. I put on a jacket and I go walk my dog in our neighborhood. as I walk on the sidewalk I step on the crunchy leaves. It's like music to my ears. As I walk I look around and see the beautiful colors everywhere and that makes me excited to think fall is here. As I look at the houses I see the decorations for Halloween and fall. I see bright orange pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts and more. Creativity everywhere. It's fun to think that fall is finally here.  

Posted in response to the challenge Fall: Writing.

Summit House-WCS


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