Things to remember, pt. 2

You are allowed to change.        

       You are allowed
 to shift from one 
                     to another.    

You are allowed to react one way and 
              differently later, you are allowed to talk differently or like different things than before, you are allowed to stand up for yourself 
when someone assumes you are the same person you were years ago, and that you always will be.

You are allowed to change your style or your hair or the way you wear jewelry, allowed to have your identity shift and 

allowed to say something and take it back and 

                                                                   not have 

                         anyone judge you for it. 

You are growing, 
                        seeking the things that satisfy you- it is ok to change your mind or even have the very basis of those things shift. 

                    You are human 

        and you are moldable, crafted by 

                    Time’s weathered hands to make those tiny details just as they should be; 

by definition 

                 you will never be stagnant- not when the earth is always moving 

and the universe is always expanding 

and the world is always changing, too. 


     are just, simply, a part of that existence.

Sayornis p.


14 years old

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