YWP Newsletter - 6.4.18

Welcome to the first ever YWP Weekly Newsletter! This newsletter highlights writing, audio and images and any happenings in the YWP Community. We are a small band of YWP Community Leaders who also help create Challenges and select Daily Reads, Recommended and work for Publication. As the editors of the newsletter, our role is to bring you authors extra audience and shine and to bring you readers some special pieces of work. Please pass along this newsletter or the links to the stories to bring the authors even more viewers. We hope you enjoy this.  

This week we feature the work of Anna, Wrenegade and Nightheart, and photos by Anna P., H20.hollym,  Adelle M. Brunstad, Silver Goose, Alicia Marie 7, a.harkness02, and nean_bean.

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Realizations of Forever

by Anna

we’ll be on our own.

voices drifting with the wind
a thousand songs
and a thousand more.
the simple sadness
of the final notes
lingering on the breeze long after we’ve gone.

if we were ever meant to fly
our feet would not settle for the ground.

we've always longed for comfort.

we knew forever
only meant 'for a moment'

they told us the city never sleeps at night.
the sturdiness of its hands on ours
assuring our arrival back some day.

we’re only human.
lilacs in the spring didn’t ask
to slip away
so soon.
the way the world works
has always been a mysterious

memories whisper in our ears.

twiddling thumbs.
mind wandering
fleeting time.

set us free.
don't let me go so soon.

maybe we’re not ready.

you built us to be strong.
eternity never gets the chance to prosper.
our existence is an illusion of longing
and aspirations.

the sun never requested us
to mourn its passing as we do each night.

don’t learn from our broken words.
they reflect nothing
except the wall we’ve built to hide behind.

we’re afraid of honesty
being afraid is too slow for the rushing
of the workings of the world.

we’re more than we imagined.
the clocks never worked.
time isn't how we choose it.
it paces itself.
unlike us,
it understands. 

the dandelions
floating on the green sea
bigger than we ever could have been.
the pine trees
and the laughter
and the clouds
and the wonders
and the wishes.

there’s a reason we stopped in to say hello.
if we fall
we’ll all go together.

thank you for teaching us
how to say

Social Ladder
by Wrenegade

She clings
to her rung, 
never looking at
those below her,
always gazing up
to where they all want to be;
the rungs that hold
the rich
thin things.
The popular ones.

Her rung is crowded
with all her "friends" clinging to it
to her.

All they want is to move
They tell themselves they will
be happy there,
at the top.
If they looked, they could see that isn't true.

And she spends 
all her energy
trying to climb,
but as soon as she takes a hand off
to reach the next rung,
the whole
and she puts it back on.

don't climb, they whisper to her, you won't make it, you could fall.
But you can't stay here,
 they whisper to her, you'll never be happy, you can only be happy at the top.
you need to be at the top.

And she tries;
she starves herself
and loses who she is
to try to get to the top,
where everyone will look up to
but it doesn't work,
and she stays
to her rung.

she realizes 
she can never be happy.
Not on here,
not on the ladder.

And while their screams echo in her ears, she finally decides
to let go
to fall off the ladder
No! they yell at her, you can't! The fall will break you.  
You can't give up.  You need this.
You need the ladder.

No, she replies, I don't.
And it's not giving up.

She falls.

And realizes that
you don't
have to be at
the top
Silence Reigns
by Nightheart

Another school shooting
has occurred today.

crackles a voice
over the radio.
There is one official death
reported so far
and then my father clicks 
off the radio and silence reigns,
staring out at the countryside 
that passes.

Just because it happens
doesn't mean we talk about it.

and the silence reigns.

There has been two other
accusations of sexual assault today,
of prominent men-

The TV is cut off by a hand
on the remote as widened eyes
gape at the blank TV screen,
newsreel still playing on repeat
inside my head.

Just because it happens,
doesn't mean we talk about it.

and the silence reigns.

There was another protest 
in the streets,

I hear my parents whisper
The situation is not safe,
not good.

but their mouths go silent as 
i walk near, air empty
yet full with all the words they didn't 

Just because it happens,
doesn't mean we talk about it.
and the silence reigns.

Another chemical bomb
was dropped,

the headline on the
computer screen reads,
hundreds injured or dead-
the screen clicks off
once they catch my gaze,
burning hot,
on the computer screen that fades away,
the letters and images still
swirling through my brain.

Just because it happens,
doesn't mean we talk about it.

and the silence reigns.

But the silence is tearing me up
with worry inside,
worry that wreaks havoc on my sleep
and then haunts my nightmares,
silence gives me too much place to dream,
to think about what world we live in.

We're killing ourselves with all the 
things that happened that we wouldn't 
talk about.
and now everything that was compacted 
has exploded like a geyser
every ugly thing we didn't talk about
has exploded for all the world to see,
and now,

The silence reigns.

Tiny Writes
It’s always harder to say good-bye,
When you never said hello in the first place…
That’s why the light hurts
A little more than the dark
--Anna P.

The Photo Gallery

May -- Photo by Silver Goose
I'm Dreaming of a Periwinkle Moon by​ H20.hollym
My Garden Tiger -- ​Adelle M. Brunstad