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Sep 27


As we’ve now discussed, a cover letter is a great opportunity to point out anything that you want the employer to know about you, that doesn’t fit in your resume.

If you've already finished the Resume Playlist, take a look back at the job or internship offering you created your resume for. If not, you should still have a specific job or internship in mind for this XP.
Think about the position/offer you've chosen, and try to answer these questions: Do you have a connection to the business that will make you a great fit? Are you planning on moving to the area where the job is located? Do you have a connection to the area or to the mission of the company? What else do you want the business/oganization to know about you? (In order to answer these questions, you may need to do some research into what the company is all about. Make yourself an expert on the subject before you begin to write.)
Jot down a short list (3-5 things) that you’d want this particular employer to know about you--that don't fit or belong in your resume.

Feedback: Reply to at least one other XP response. Imagine that you're the employer. Would you be interested in the information provided? Is it professional in nature?