Sep 30

I Never Saw It Coming

                                       I Never Saw It Coming
I never wanted a cellphone, though all my friends were eagerly showing off the cool amenities of their cells. Cellular live was beyond me, and consequently I had more time for homework, books, writing and drawing.
One day, as I was walking with my friend, her phone “didgeridooed”.

“Oh!” she cried, and jerked for her bag. She giggled reading the text, then her fingers bounced across the screen a reply.  Suddenly I felt pangs of jealousy.
The incident was forgotten. Once shopping with my mom at Walmart, I sauntered to make some prints. As I was waiting for my order, I wandered to the electronic isle. Flip phones, iPhones, touch screen phones... An army of cellphone of every size, shape and color stared at me. Promotional videos flashed cute girls and guys cheerfully chirping, and I felt being a white crow in a flock. Entranced, I touched electronic marvels with health monitoring apps, super-stabilized extra-resolution cameras, location monitoring, movie channel hookups, customized widgets, and more.  
At home, I felt guilty. Days passed, and all became normal. I pitied my texting, surfing, gaming, scanning, browsing, chatting, tracking, and snapping friends.
As I was wrapping up my story, my mother, obviously pleased with herself, entered the scene. She triumphantly presented me with impeccable, elegant, flawless cell device, with 24 amenities, which I would never have to use for in a lifetime.
I felt sinking into a dark vortex. Throat spasms sealed my speech. I never saw it coming.