Workshop > Developing a Voice
Sep 30

Developing a Voice

Whether you are writing a story/ narrative, report, or essay you must think about the voice in your writing. You can think of writer's voice as the tone, mood, or personality of the text. Below are some descriptive words to identify different of types of voice you may choose to show in your writing:

Happiness          Guilt                Gratitude              Surprise

Excitement         Pride                Panic                  Shame

Fear                   Compassion     Embarrassment   Curiosity

Confusion          Arrogance         Empathy             Disappointment

Anger                 Relief                Sympathy            Shock

Boredom            Satisfaction        Hope                  Exhaustion

Jealousy             Love                  Anxiety              Confidence

Envy                   Regret              Concern              Disapproval

Joy                    Sadness            Loneliness            Remorse


For this exercise:

Choose one of the descriptors above--or one that you came up with--and write a creative anecdote (mini-story) using a voice that shows that mood/personality. Your story does not need to be long--5-10 lines should be enough to create a storyline and showcase the voice you chose. Remember, the content of the story doesn't have to match the voice. You can write in a shocked voice, about a boring event. You could write angrily about something completely benign. Use your imagination. Have fun with it.

Feedback: Respond to at least one other post--let them know what words you would use to describe the voice they wrote in.