Oct 01

On a Dark Road

On this black night the sky is cloudy. A good place to disappear, I think. These old country roads, they don't go nowhere cept up the mountains to the fire houses and the wardens. Ma always told me that they was there to protect us from the fires. I shoulda ask what they coulda done for us down here. We all so small from that high up.

Something's howlin in the woods but I know it's just a coyote. Not anybody think there's coyotes up here but they be wrong. My heart is tryna jump outta my chest, I tell ya. I gotta think about something else but everything keeps coming back like a bad song or a tootache. I hear Ma shouting and the door slamming. I hit my hand against the tree until it stop hurting inside. 

There's somethin bout the way it all looks at night, ya know. Almost like there ain't nothing to worry bout cept all them sharptooth wolves and bears in their dens, but its gettin cold out and soon nuff it'll be winter. Some leaves blow down the road and sting my ankles. I shoulda worn socks, but I had ta get outta there right quick. I ain't had no time but to get my parka cause it be cold up in these mountains in fall. Some places up north it be below freezing already. I hate snow cause I hafta sit inside all day. Don't got enough warm clothes for all that frosty ice cream. 

Ma always told me a walk was the best way ta calm a heart. I wish that were true, but now I hear her screaming and it rebounds off the trees. Is it her or is it just in my head. She always say I got too much imagination. Makes me see things. Monsters and whatnot, but sometimes I even hear things at night. Right now someone be callin my name in anuther language, saying something I can't understand. It ain't Ma no more. I should get off the road but I ain't got nowhere else. Maybe them wardens up in their firehouses be kind. Maybe they help me hide from the monsters. 

I guess I should 'splain some things about me. Me and Ma, we only ones living out this far. We grow our vegetables and whatnot but ain't got much else to our name. It's nice and quiet cept for them voices. Sometimes they get so loud I have to shout or scream or sumthin just to get them to shut up. I ast Ma if she ever hear them and she said she sometimes did, but they weren't in the woods. 

The wind blows from the north and an owl done hoot so loud I nearly jumpt outta my skin. I hear Ma crying now, see the dark hands shaking in the firelight. They ain't hers, but I ain't sure they mine, either. All I see is the blood and the knife. The sharp one from the kitchen, you know. Ma always be so proud of that one. Sure bad the voices made me use that one. Now it be all scraped and bloody. 
About the Author: Oceania
"I've never really said anything worth repeating."-Mr. Hall