Oct 08
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That Bad Persons....A Really Bad Persons Begining

       The flames licked at my feet threatening to get me, but they stayed back. They never crossed the lines that the old man had put in the dirt a second ago. Whoever that old man was deserved a prize, but he did not make it inside the circle in time. The flames ate him. Not like normal flames would, swallowing you into the heat, but more like a beast. As he had stood in the flames scratches had appeared on his body. It was almost like the flame was killing him slowly and all I could do was watch. 
      But that was three minutes ago and now I need to find a way to get out. There is no way I can go through those flames, they'll just eat me like they did to that other guy. Uhhh... I can't go under, I can't go around, I can't go over......well looks like I will have to go through. Or at least try to find a way through. Let's start looking for options....through that flame or that flame. Wich one should I choose?
       "HELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPP" A blood curling high-pitched scream ripped through the house and I remembered I wasn't alone. 
       In the house, there were my friends, Grace, Shara, Rupert, and Leo are still somewhere else in the house getting attacked by the flame things. Without thinking I pulled up my hood, wrapped my coat tighter around me and ran into the flames. As I ran I could feel the flame crawling on my skin like tons of little bugs. Gahh, I hate bugs. Anyway, I rounded the corner and saw two of my friends standing there and they had a weapon. Grace was standing in front of Leo protecting him with her weapon. It was almost magical to round the corner and see them standing there. Grace wielding a fire extinguisher like it was her most treasured possession ever. Leo pulling out a different weapon, the hose. 
       As I ran toward them I shouted, "Where is Shara and Rupert."
      Never looking away from the flames, Grace yelled back, "I don't know. Go help Leo."
      By then I was right next to them so I went and helped Leo with the hose. Once we got it detached from the wall we turned it on and sprayed it at the fire. The fire reacted like a cat hissing where the water hit it. We slowly made our way toward the window. At the window, I brought my elbow back and smashed the glass. I grabbed the hose and sprayed more water while Grace and Leo climbed out. I jumped out the window and onto the ground. 
      Then we saw a group of five men. Two of them were carrying Shara and another two were carrying Rupert. Before I could run over to them two strong hands grabbed my arms and a needle pricked my neck. Slowly my vision faded and a blackness came over me. I could still hear faint voices but could not understand what they were saying. Little by little I lost my hearing as well. I lied there for three minutes before my taste, smell, and feeling also disapeared. It was like I was standing in the middle of an abyss and the only thing around me was thoughts. Why was I in that fire? Who the heck were those men? What did they inject me with? Why me? But eventually, even thoughts left me and I was left alone with nothing. 
      When my conscience came back, there were tubes running out of my body and lots of wires attached to me.