Oct 28
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    One day I woke up and the sky was cloudy and dull. I wondered If It was going rain. I ran downstairs and ate watermelon and some cut up apples. I needed some healthy food for my soccer game. I got my cleats and and socks and shin guards then filled up my shiny pink water bottle. The cold water on my hand made me shiver. Mom lets go we are going to be late! I shouted across the room. ¨Ok let's go¨ she replied. As I step out the door the warm air and wind almost made me fall over! I can't believe my game Isn't canceled! My game was home at my school. When I got there my whole team was there warming up. My coach said to run to the green fence and back twice. So I did. After that I was breathing fast. My coach said to bring It In. My team was In a huddle with are ponytails flying all over the place from the wind. On the count of three say dream crushers! My coach shouted. 1,2,3 dream crushers! Then some of us ran onto the soccer field Including me. Tweet tweet the game started going.    The rain started pouring but we still kept on playing. The ball was slippery.  Then out of sudden boom! The thunder was so deafening! Everyone was running to their parents. I did to. Then my mom said to go the car. We ran fast then we got In the car just In time before the bright lighting struck. I was frightened. All the way home I was shaking. But then when I got home my mom made me some hot chocolate. I chugged It down. I can feel the warmness going down my throat. I was finally not shaking anymore. I went upstairs to get out of my soaking wet uniform. Then the power went out It was dark.  The HOUSE WAS DEAD SILENT. There was nothing to do. No tv. Can't go outside, can't cook. The only thing we had board games and a deck of cards. So my mom and played the game called slap jack. It where the two people split the cards and put one card down at the same time. If you get a jack then you try to slap It. If you get It then you get the hole deck that the jack was on top of. We played that for a while then the power came back on! I'm so glad. I quickly ran to the tv and put on my favorite show. I hope the power never goes out again.
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